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We can’t stress enough the importance of creating a compelling and passionate message, with a “call to action,” through text, images and video. Depending on the length of your campaign, it’s also very important to keep your content fresh. If your campaign is only one or two weeks long, you probably don’t have to worry it, but it never hurts…

Try switching the Main Grid Image and perhaps tweaking the Brief Overview after a week or two. A lot of people will be coming back to your GivingGrid, because of ongoing posts, emails and updates, so it’s good to show them a different look. In fact, that new image may be a reason to bring them back.

You also might want to add new photos or video to your Campaign Details. Try changing the large image and mixing up the thumbnail photos. Of course adding a new video or photos is a great reason to bring your audience back! Freshen up the copy on your Detailed Overview page. Bring your supporters up-to-date on things. Maybe include an update inside of the details?

The bottom line is, treat your GivingGrid much the same way as you’d treat your own website or Facebook page. Keep it fresh and always always always give people a reason to donate, donate again and share!!