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About GivingGrid

Launched in 2015 by 2CC, GivingGrid is the next generation of fundraising websites. What makes GivingGrid different and better is its ability to visually bring together a community of good-natured people motivated to support an important cause. Plus, it's entirely free to the fundraiser. We do not charge fees. GivingGrid operates entirely off the generosity of donors who can add a small amount to their donation to support our operation and allow us to continue to provide this valuable service.

"We really wanted to take fundraising to the next level," says Dan Hoffman, CEO of 2CC and General Manager of "We love being a part of this community, where lots and lots of people rally behind a fundraising campaign for something critical. Then thanks to the Internet, many small donations from caring people and spreading the word can make a huge difference in the life of someone in need or the success of a charitable organization.

As we looked around at what was already available, we saw a lot of good companies, doing good things, but they all looked the same. They're all about the cause and a goal, which is important, but the donors and other supporters are more in the background. GivingGrid puts both right up front. The cause is why we're all here, but the supporters are the ones who make the magic happen. They're equally important to the campaign's success. "