Fundraising Websites That Don't Charge Fees - GivingGrid

We don't charge any fees!

And when we say we charge you ZERO FEES, we mean zip!!

No transaction fee, no nothing!!

Most fundraising or crowdfunding websites take 5% - 10% off of every donation, plus credit card fees. That can add up to between 8% - 13% off every donation! That means on a $100 donation, as little as $87 makes it to the fundraiser. Crazy, right?

With GivingGrid you only pay third party credit card processing fees (roughly 3%) directly to the payment processor, so on that same $100 donation, you get about $97. Big difference!

So how does GivingGrid pay for its operating expenses and keep the lights on?

We apply a unique method where the donor is given the opportunity to add a small contribution for us, in addition to their donation. Think of it as a small tip. If they think we're providing a valuable service, they give us a little something. If not, they have the option to lower it or make it zero and give us nothing. Sound fair? No matter what, the fundraiser is not getting hit with the fee and GivingGrid assumes all the risk!