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Fundraise with Love

Wall of Love (WOL) is both simple and wonderful. People "share the love"
and post a heart to your WOL with their donation.

Wall of Love

In addition to making a donation, donors can also:

  • Include a special message. *
  • Donate in honor or memory of a friend, family member or pet.
  • Wish someone happy birthday, happy anniversary or happy holidays.
  • Tell someone to get well soon.
  • Simply tell someone you love them…

Donors can even send their heart as an eCard!

* Photos cannot be uploaded on Wall of Love.

See a Live Example

Use WOL to Fundraise for…


Your Nonprofit Organization

Animals, arts & culture, children & family, emergencies, environment, faith, health & disease, humanitarian aid, veterans and more…

Your School or University

Whether K - 12 (public or private), a college, a PTA or similar organization or for your sorority/fraternity, a WOL will help you get the funds you need.

Personal Campaigns

Medical expenses for you or a loved one, a memorial, a pet, tuition, adoption, an emergency, a sports team, a friend or family member in need, a veteran in need or even your favorite nonprofit/charity.
  • Simple set-up, so you can get up and running super-fast!
  • GivingGrid’s famous zero fees policy.
  • So easy to donate and the mobile experience is awesome!
  • A goal is optional.
  • You get your choice of color themes.
  • A low minimum donation amount of $5.
  • You can easily run your WOL on your website.
  • Easily create an email blast right from your campaign, with a click of a button. Learn more…

Put the power of your supporters to work for you!

Turn your supporters into fundraisers with our "peer to peer" fundraising tool. It’s so simple and you can turn it on from your settings. See a quick demo.

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