Urgent Help Fundraising for Animals

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Fundraising for Animals

You're an animal rescue or shelter and you have an animal or animals that are seriously ill or injured and need help. That costs money that either you don't have or you need to replenish right away. You need to raise money right now!

Urgent Help GivingGrid


“Urgent Help is one of the most powerful fundraising tools we've used. Also, one of the easiest platforms we've used to date. This tool will help you save lives!”

--Estelle, Fundraising Chair, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

“It was our first time using GivingGrid Urgent Help, and I think it’s safe to say that we will definitely use it again!”

--Shannon, Longhopes Donkey Shelter

“Thank you so much for the personal support! We are blown away at how much traction Duncan's Urgent Help fundraiser has gained, and very grateful for such a well-done platform for fundraising!”

--Jen, Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue

Here are a few real examples...

Saving Winnie the Pooh
Raised: $3,095 in 2 days!
Raised: $713 in a few hours!
Raised: $6,890 in 2 days!
Neglected Puppy Cruelty Case
Raised: $3,364 in 2 days!
Urgent Help Steps
  • It's so simple, you can easily create it from your phone.
  • Raise as little as $200 or as much as you need.
  • You can fill your grid with Fund-icons.
  • It's free and we charge you zero fees!
  • It automatically connects to your PayPal or Chase/Wepay account and donations flow straight in.
  • Easily create an email blast right from your campaign, with a click of a button. Example
  • Easily post to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media pages.

Start Your Campaign!

Donating is quick and easy!

  • With Urgent Help, whether your donor is on their phone, tablet or PC, they can donate in less than a minute.
  • Every donation gets beautifully framed, so it’s super visual.
  • Uploading a photo or message is optional.
  • As with all GivingGrids, it’s rich with sharing features.

GivingGrid to the "Rescue" Program

If you're a part of a rescue or shelter and have an animal (or animals) who is seriously ill or injured and in desperate need of help, please reach out to us. We might be able to help.