Neglected Puppy Cruelty Case

Urgent help needed for Gummy Bear !

Our organization has just taken in a cruelty case. We have named him Gummy Bear. He is only 5-months old and 3 pounds.

The shelter has contacted us, and they are extremely concerned about Gummy Bear as he is septic. He is expelling yellow puss, fighting for breath, and has a severe skin infection. His body is missing large patches of hair and is an unnatural pink, due to the infections. We're getting him to an emergency hospital ASAP! 

Although cruelty charges are being pressed against Gummy Bear's former "owners," it doesn't change the fact that this 3-pound Dachshund mix puppy has endured great suffering.

Please help us take care of him.

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Second Chance Rescue NYC

About the Organization

In 2009, Second Chance Rescue NYC began as a small dream, founded on the firm belief that all animals deserve love and care, and that no animal should ever be subjected to abuse, neglect or homelessness. All proceeds go directly to the animals, and to date, we have relied solely on donations from loyal supporters. Our mission is to offer a second chance to those animals less fortunate — those with critical medical, emotional or behavioral issues.

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  • Update

    Gummy Bear has just arrived at his medical foster in NYC and has immediately made himself at home. We have never seen a dog so engaged with his new people, and they are in love with him! This little one is such a content soul. He is taking in his new surroundings with grace and wonder. There's a gift in every challenge, and this little puppy has been reborn, and his heart seems wide open.

    Second Chance Rescue NYC and Gummy Bear xoxo



  • Update

    We can't express to you the magnitude of this puppy's positive attitude, and so much of that is a result of your support. Gummy Bear has got to be one of the most content pups we have ever come across despite the neglected condition he was found. We're convinced that because he's had such a powerful light shining in his heart, he was able to navigate these very treacherous and painful times. Thank you for believing in him and believing in us to provide him with all the care he has needed. 

    Look how good he looks!


    Second Chance Rescue NYC and Gummy Bear xoxo



  • Update

    It's me, Gummy Bear! I couldn't resist sending you this cute picture of myself in a mouse costume. I guess the humans think I look like a mouse?! I think it makes them happy. 

    Thank you again for loving me and supporting me during my time of recovery.

    Gummy Bear xoxo

  • Update

    Gummy Bear is receiving his medicated baths and is improving every day! He is eating well. He decided out of the wet food or the dry kibble that was provided for him (side by side) that he wants to be a big boy and eat the dry kibble. We all support his need to be independent (LOL). Go, Gummy Bear! We will continue to send you all the updates. Thank you again for your fantastic support and love. 




  • Update

    We are so happy to report that Gummy Bear is eating and is receiving amazing medical care. Thank you all so very much for taking the time out of your day in these times of uncertainty to help us save this beloved puppy. More updates to come! Much love from all of us at Second Chance Rescue NYC. 


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