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We use WePay, PayPal and FrontStream for payment processing on They’re all safe and secure. 

WePay is our first choice for nonprofits and the only choice for personal fundraisers, where the funds are going to your own personal or business account. You can sign up and start accepting donations in about one minute.

The primary goal of WePay is to facilitate payments and allow you to retrieve your funds with as little as friction as possible, so we have worked with their staff to create a partnership that allows all involved to excel at this goal.

  • Fundraisers using WePay get up to 50% more donations vs. those using PayPal.
  • WePay also offers a much easier mobile experience. So important!
  • Unlike PayPal, there's no limit on the size of a donation and no account restrictions.
  • Far fewer payment errors vs. PayPal. That’s important too!
  • WePay fees are 2.9% + $.30 per transaction. Certified 501c3 nonprofits can get a reduced rate of 2.2% + $.30 by contacting GivingGrid Customer Service and providing your nonprofit's full legal name, EIN, phone number and the primary contact. The process can take up to three business days and is not retroactive.
  • All donations go directly into your account, less WePay fees.
  • Simple to get your money! After you've signed up and received your first donation you'll be able to click the Withdraw Funds/Manage WePay button that appears in your settings. Funds are typically available within 1-3 days.
  • WePay is only available to fundraisers with a U.S. bank account. Donations can be accepted from most countries (and their currencies) throughout the world.

PayPal is also an option for nonprofits based inside U.S. It's required for nonprofits or personal campaigns without a U.S. bank account. 

  • PayPal fees are 2.9% + $.30 per transaction. Certified 501c3 nonprofits can get a reduced rate of 2.2% + $.30 directly through PayPal.
  • All donations go directly into your account, less PayPal fees.
  • Funds are typically available within 1-3 days.
  • Great for organizations based outside of the U.S. PayPal is available in most countries around the world, so fundraisers can be set-up almost anywhere and donations can be accepted from most countries (and their currencies) throughout the world. Currently, GivingGrids can be set-up using Dollars, Pounds and Euros.

FrontStream is our payment processor for personal or corporate fundraising campaigns done on behalf of a U.S. based certified 501c3 nonprofit, that you are not directly associated with. It can be used with both GivingGrid and Wall of Love. You choose the nonprofit you're fundraising for from a database of thousands of 501c3 organizations. FrontStream processes all donations and sends them directly to the nonprofit once a month, so you don't need to be involved and all donations remain tax deductible. You only have to worry about making your fundraiser a big success!  Frontstream fees are a flat. 4.25%. You can contact their support team directly at

A lot is really personal preference, but here are a couple of thoughts:

Use a Standard GivingGrid when photos are important. For example, things that immediately come to mind are campaigns to raise money for animal or environmental causes. People love uploading photos of their fur kids (or other animals) and beautiful scenery pics. There are a million other great applications, but photos are not always appropriate for every campaign. For example, it may not always be a good thing to do a photo based campaign for personal hardship fundraisers or to raise money to fight Alzheimer’s.

That said, Wall of Love (WOL) is perfect for those kinds of things. Instead of a photo, people post a heart and share the love, with an optional message or tribute. So when you’re trying to help a loved one or another person or family in need, what better way? When you’re raising money for Alzheimer’s or any other ugly disease, sharing the love and donating in honor or memory of a loved or friend is a beautiful thing. Plus, they can also send their heart as an eCard.

Of course this is not a science.  I’m sure we could come up with great reasons to use a Standard GivingGrid to raise money for Alzheimer’s and great reasons to use a WOL to raise money for animals. As we said earlier, it’s more of a personal preference or “feel” and an art form…  

Zero! We don't charge you any fees! 

Most other fundraising websites take 5% - 10% of every donation, in addition to credit card fees. That can add up to between 8% - 13% off the donation! That means if a $100 donation is made, as little as $87 makes it to the fundraiser. When it's for a good cause, we just don't think that's right, so unlike those sites, GivingGrid takes no fees from the fundraiser. Zip! The fundraiser only pays third party credit card fees (roughly 3% which can't be avoided), so on that same $100 donation, they get $97. Big difference!

So how does GivingGrid pay for its operating expenses? We apply a unique method where the donor is given the opportunity to add a small contribution for us, in addition to their donation. Think of it as a small tip. If they think we're providing a valuable service, they give us a little something. If not, they also have the option to make it zero and give us nothing. Sound fair? 

Simple! The money you raise goes directly into your WePay or PayPal account. From there it's up to you. You can set-up the method by which you'd like the money to get to your bank account with each provider. If fact, with WePay you can arrange to have them automatically transfer the money to your account.

If you're raising money on behalf of a nonprofit organization, FrontStream does the payment processing and all funds raised are sent directly to the nonprofit every 30 days.

WePay is required by law to gather that information before you can withdraw funds, whether you're creating a personal or business account. It is also used for security reasons. 

Of course it's always much better (and fun) when you hit or crush your goal, but you get the funds you raise either way. GivingGrid does not offer an "all or nothing" option.

It could be because you set a "Start Date" in the future. Go to your Settings and check the Start Date. Settings > Additional Settings > Set Start & End Dates. If that's the problem, just adjust it to today if you want it to show now. You should also make sure you not receiving any error messages, due to missing required fields or incorrect input.

If neither of these things are the problem, send support an email at and we'll look into it ASAP and get back to you. 

Yes we do! We love personal fundraisers, but only in the USA right now! 

We make it really easy for you too with Wall of Love or GivingGrid's blank squares option.

Nope! Not for GivingGrid.  Any organization or individual can use GivingGrid to raise funds, but donations are only tax deductible when made to certified 501c3 nonprofits.

GivingGame is only available to certified 501c3 nonprofit organizations.

Yes we can and we have two options:

  1. The free way. You are responsible for setting up your GivingGrid (writing all the copy, uploading photos and videos, creating the grid, etc.), but we'll provide you with some great help along the way, so you're not in this alone. Just call on us when you need us and we'll reply in a flash! We'll even give your GivingGrid a free review after you're finished, but before you launch, if you promise us you used the help buttons and tips we provide during the set-up process.

  2. Premium service. For a flat fee of $397, we'll create your GivingGrid for you. This is for the set-up only and does not apply to the marketing or ongoing management of your GivingGrid. That's up to you. To request our premium service or to find out more, send an email to

Sure! First, we highly recommend you head over to Fundraising Central. Fundraising Central is our comprehensive guide to marketing and managing your GivingGrid. It's filled with all kinds of advice and techniques for making your campaign successful and hitting your goal.

Fundraising Central

Afterwards, if you still have questions, you can reach us at

Yes! Make sure you're logged in and go to Settings > Additional Settings > Run on Your Website and follow the instructions. Everything is synced, so a donation made on your website updates everywhere else. Imagine seeing your beautiful GivingGrid or Wall of Love right on your website! It's magic! One thing to note, if you don't allocate enough space, we'll automatically show a very cool widget. Details are in your settings.

GivingGame cannot run on your website, only in the cloud.

Have no fear, you're the only one that can see those. It's because you're the admin for the account. Here's what everyone else sees.

Offline donations can only be made on GivingGrids, not Wall of Love. Make sure you're logged in and go to Settings > Additional Settings > Manage Offline Donations. We recommend that you do not enter any offline donations until you've had several online donations. That way potential donors won't be confused by the fact that you've raised money, but there aren't any photos or donations.
Make sure you're logged in, click the "Reports" button at the top of the screen and your donor data will appear. You can also download it as a .csv file by clicking the "Download Donor Data" button.

For GivingGrid
Make sure you're logged in and go to Settings > Fundraising Goal & Grid Type. Next to your goal above the preview grid, click the edit link. Change your goal in the pop-up and click submit.

For Wall of Love
If you have a goal (it's optional), just go to General Settings, change it and click save.

Note: be careful how you use this function. Don't get in the habit of raising your goal, just because you're close to hitting it or have already passed it. That's great and people want to see you beat it big-time! If you keep raising it, donors will start to wonder why you even have a goal and lose interest. One increase would be the maximum we'd recommend. It's primarily there to lower your goal if you were a little too ambitious and set it too high.

On Standard GivingGrids and P2P campaigns, the minimum donation is $10. For Wall of Love, the minimum donation is $5.
Yes you can! You can easily add, change or delete any of those things even after launching.

For GivingGrid, make sure you're logged in and go to Settings > Fundraising Goal & Grid Type. This is to do it manually. There's also an automatic feature you can turn off or on in your settings.

  • If your GivingGrid is a Blanks Squares grid, there's a big button near the top that says "Add More Squares." Click it and it will add another ring of squares.
  • If your GivingGrid is a Preset grid, the option is near the bottom of the page.
  • If you're running a GivingGame, the option is also near the bottom of the page.

For Wall of Love, it's all automatic, unless you turn it off in your settings. Anytime 75% of your squares are taken, another ring of squares is added.

This feature is only available on GivingGrids.  Make sure you're logged in and go to Settings > Additional Settings > Set Start & End Dates.

Someone clicks on a square and gets this message:

"This square is currently on hold for another supporter for X MORE MINUTES.  Please pick another square or if this is the square you've got to have, you can check back in a little bit. Maybe they won't take it before their time is up? You can also keep clicking this check again button. Maybe they'll cancel it before their time is up?"

GivingGrid works just like when you buy theatre or event tickets online with reserved seating. When someone clicks on a square we hold it for them for 15 minutes to complete the donation. If they don't complete their donation in 15 minutes or if they click on another square, that square becomes available again.

Yes you can and we encourage it! It adds credibility to your campaign. You do that in Settings > Additional Settings > Organization Information.

We recommend only linking to your homepage.

You can delete any GivingGrids or WOLs in your account that have not had any donations. Simply go to your dashboard and click the "delete" button for the GivingGrid or WOL you'd like to remove.

Unless there are special circumstances, you cannot delete GivingGrids or WOLs that have had donations. Once someone donates to a campaign, we're obligated to leave that it available, so they can view or share their donation. If you believe there are special circumstances, please contact 

To remove your account, please contact Unless there are special circumstances, we cannot delete accounts that are connected to GivingGrids that have had donations. Once someone donates to a campaign, we're obligated to leave that GivingGrid available, so they can view or share their donation. Therefore, the account also needs to be left intact.  

The simple difference between the two is that with a Standard GivingGrid the donor can upload a photo with their donation and with Wall of Love they post a heart and a message with their donation. No photo. Some campaigns work great with photos and other are better without, so you have both.
Here’s Google’s definition of peer to peer fundraising:
“Peer to peer” fundraising is a method of fundraising that leverages your supporters to fundraise on your behalf. It's also known as social fundraising, team fundraising, or p2p fundraising. Peer to peer fundraising is a great way to get new donors and reach new networks of people.

Simply put, a Standard GivingGrid is about you or your organization asking for donations from your network of supporters directly. A GivingGrid P2P campaign it’s about your supporters asking their network for donations to their own GivingGrid, with the proceeds going to you!

So what’s the significance of this and how do you decide which way is best for you? Maybe it’s even both?

A standard GivingGrid is normally the right choice. If you have a smaller amount to raise (perhaps less than $3000) and a short window, you’re probably better off simply running your own campaign. It also depends on how big your supporter network is… Of course you’ll reach out to your entire network via email, Facebook, etc. and as usual many of those loyal supporters will donate and share with their friends and family, some of which will also result in donations. That said, once people are one or more levels away (friends of your supporters), they’re less likely to donate. Plus, your job becomes managing all of them and the entire marketing campaign.

With GivingGrid P2P, your loyal supporters go to work for you with their own GivingGrid campaigns. Each person, team or company is reaching out to their supporters using a GivingGrid that you essentially create in advance, with your copy, photos, videos, etc. They can then personalize it to share their story too. So if done right, you could have a small army of people out fundraising aggressively to their networks, where they have complete credibility and the chance of getting donations goes way up! You become much more leveraged. Your job becomes managing these supporters only, although you can start your own separate campaign too. By the way, all the donations they capture automatically flow into your WePay or PayPal account.

GivingGrid P2P campaigns are well suited to larger longer campaigns, mainly because you need time to recruit these guys and then they need time to ramp up.

Hopefully we’re not confusing you too much… The basic difference is that you can run your own campaign or run a bunch of campaigns through others. Of course if you have questions, you know where to find us:

Keeping your donors up-to-date is super important! How would you feel if you donated money to a cause and never heard from them again? With GivingGrid and Wall of Love, you’re not only raising money, you’re expanding your supporter base. Stay in touch with these guys and do several “updates to donors” throughout your campaign and even after it ends. 30% of donors either donate a second time (as you near your goal) or refer people. That’s huge!

To prepare and send an update to donors, go to Settings > Additional Settings > Emails > Send an update to all your donors. You have some great editing capability, so you can add photos, links, bold text, etc. Make sure you click the Preview button to see what it will look like before you send it. If you want to send it right away, click the Send Update button below it, but we recommend sending a test first. If you’re not quite ready to send, make sure you click save at the top or bottom of the page. It will be there when you come back.

Yes and no. You are welcome to include a mailing address in case someone wants to mail you a check. There are still some people who just don't like donating online. What we don't allow is the direct solicitation from your GivingGrid or WOL for people to donate online elsewhere. In other words, what you can't do is put a link to your website (or other) donation page on your GivingGrid or WOL and ask people to go there and donate. It's confusing and why would you want to do that anyway?

Yes we do! If you're in a country supported by PayPal, you're good! We also allow GivingGrids to be set-up using Pounds or Euros. Simply choose the currency you want in your payment processing settings, after PayPal has been enabled.

At this time, Wall of Love and GivingGame are only available in US.

Yes, GivingGrids can also be set-up using Pounds and Euros through PayPal, assuming it's available in your country. Simply choose the currency you want in your payment processing settings, after PayPal has been enabled.

At this time, Wall of Love is only available in US Dollars.

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