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This is an example of a GivingGrid "peer to peer" campaign. It would be like the one you'd create to fundraise. It can be any GivingGrid format: Standard, Urgent Help or Wall of Love.

Every campaign launched automatically has the option for a "Fundraise for this Campaign" button, you'll see below. When someone clicks that button, we immediately create a duplicate of your campaign for them that they can customize. It's so simple!





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Campaign Details

See the button?
It's hard to miss... Every single campaign created under yours will have this button too! That way anyone that goes to any of your supporters' (or sub) campaigns can fundraise for you or simply donate. You can have unlimited campaigns.

Now click on the tab above that says "VIEW ALL FUNDRAISERS FOR THIS CAMPAIGN." This shows a ranking report for all your supporter campaigns that have donations. Each one can be clicked on to view that campaign.

Now click the orange button! This is only a demo and is meant to show you what happens when someone wants to fundraise for you. If they don't already have an account with GivingGrid, they'll be asked to sign up, which takes about one minute. Right after signing up, their campaign is created for them and they'll see what you see when you click the button.

Remember, this is a demo, so you'll only see a simulated campaign to show you what your supporters will see and you will not need to sign up to see it.

Other stuff you want to know:

  • All donations made on your main campaign or the sub campaigns go directly into your payment processing account.
  • You'll have access to detailed reporting that shows you every donation, whether it was made on your main campaign or the sub campaigns.
  • You'll get the details on every fundraising campaign started on your behalf, whether they have donations or not, including their name and email address.

In addition to supporters, share it with your own staff, volunteers, board members and alumni. They make the best fundraisers.

You can also use it for walks, runs, rides, galas and other events! 

All you need to do is start a new GivingGrid campaign and turn on the feature in your settings.

It's free to sign up and we charge you ZERO fees!

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