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Urgent help needed for Jerry!

Please help Jerry! This playful, loveable kitten boy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was bitten by a senior dog in a freak incident and has multiple breaks in both his upper and lower jaw which are developing nasty infections despite being on antibiotics. 

Jerry needs specialty care at Cornell Vet Hospital. He must be in excruciating pain & yet he's still the most friendly boy you'll meet. We want to give Jerry the long, happy life he deserves, but can't without your help!

ANYTHING you can donate helps. Jerry's surgery is estimated to be between $4000-$6000 and we need to have at least $3000 to even get him in the door.

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Jerry's needs a CT scan to determine the extent of his injuries and will need jaw plates inserted to stabilize his jaw and help it heal. He has a full, happy life ahead of him if he can get this care. His infection is worsening quickly, so we need to act immediately. 

With all that is going on right now, we know this is a tough time for everyone. We appreciate any donation you can make to help us out. Even is his discomfort, Jerry is so affectionate and such a love. Without you, we simply can't afford his surgery. Please share this fundraiser with everyone you know! It all adds up!


Super Heroes in Ripped Jeans

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Super Heroes in Ripped Jeans is a 501(c)(3) registered humane society located in Oneonta, NY. In 2018, we took in over 400 animals and found homes for almost 300. We are primarily volunteer run. The demand for our services far exceeds our current capabilities, but with your support, we can save even more lives and accomplish even greater successes!

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  • Update

    A quick update on Jerry!

    Jerry is recovering so well! He is eating "like a beast" according to his foster family and getting lots of love and attention. 

    Check out the photo. Can you believe it's the same cat?! Look at those big, round gorgeous eyes. 😻

    Jerry returns to Cornell in a few weeks for follow-up and any tooth extraction that may need to happen. After that, he should be ready for his permanent home!

    Thanks again for helping make this such an amazing success story.

    Super Heroes in Ripped Jeans

  • Update

    Jerry had his surgery today!

    Jerry had his surgery to repair his jaw today. The dental surgeon said everything went very well, and since he is such a young cat (about a year), they expect him to heal quickly! When he returns to Cornell in about a month to have some temporary bracing removed, he will most likely need some teeth extracted that are either going to die off from the injury or be an issue with his alignment. However, long term, it shouldn't affect him greatly.

    They expect him to be feeling much more comfortable and make a full recovery! 😍

    We are thrilled with this news and can't wait to get him home to his loving foster. Every vet we spoke with at Cornell commented on what a sweet boy he is!

    Thank you for making this happen!

    Super Heroes in Ripped Jeans

  • Update

    WOW! We did it!! YOU helped us reach our goal! When we first heard the news of what it would take to fix Jerry up, it seemed impossible and we felt crushed. We cannot thank you enough for making it a reality 💕.

    Jerry had his initial evaluation at Cornell Vet Hospital. He will be getting a CT scan today and be moved into their specialty dentistry practice for surgery once a plan is developed. We will keep you updated on his surgery and progress. 

    Again, thank you!

    Super Heroes in Ripped Jeans

  • Update

    We have raised $3000 so we now have the money to take Jerry to Cornell Vet Hospital! 😍 We are making those arrangements right now. We need to continue raising funds to cover the cost of his surgery. 

    Thank you so much for your support! 💕

    Super Heroes in Ripped Jeans

  • Update

     We reached $2000!!  Thank you! Keep sharing and spreading the word!  We can make this happen for Jerry! 🐾

  • Update

    We are almost a 1/3 of the way there to cover the surgery and almost 2/3 to what we need to have in our pocket to get Jerry seen at Cornell Vet Hospital.

    We know this seems like a lot of money to spend on "just a cat", but none of the animals in our car are "just" anything. These are individuals, with personalities, quirks, and a will to live. Jerry talks to us with little meows and purrs and headbutts and we want to tell him it's going to be okay.

    Please SHARE this post so that others see it and can chip in.

    THANK YOU to everyone who has already donated!❤️

  • Update

    We're 1/4 of the way there! Thank you for donating! Please share this fundraiser so we can get Jerry into Cornell Vet Hospital. 



    The Super Heroes Team

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