Saving Winnie the Pooh

Urgent help needed for Winnie!

This sad boy was owner surrendered to Baldwin Park shelter in horrible shape.  Staff said he appeared to have been living in a sewer.

We saw his initial post on the LA County website, and the hounds best bud Amanda offered to run down and adopt him.

It was a struggle as any dog in a LA County Shelter system has to have a temperament test per the County - so Winnie had to stay until their tester was able to perform this testing.

Finally this 14 year old basset mix was able to get his freedom ride to us here at Daphneyland! (He DID get a freedom burger enroute - and scarfed it in one bite. Pretty sure he never tasted In & Out before.)

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His intake evaluation, bathing, nails, ears and eyes having been done - This boy has a whole new future ahead of him.  After getting him smelling pretty, able to walk without over-grown nails, eyes cleared of gunk and starting him on a nutritional detox, he is so much happier! 

His vet visit was Thursday.  Blood work is all over the place, thankfully heartworm negative, he is in severe need of a dental, eye meds hoping to clear conjunctivitis, ears infected and Claro has been applied to ears and requires a 30 day no touch rule, fecal came back positive for whipworm.  Treatment and quarantine is really important!  His estimate to get him 30 days to re evaluation is $2500 and may increase after that. 

One thing we do know is that Winnie's life has just made a complete turn around!  Shadow vision at best, hearing is very poor, but he loves pets and affection!

Donate, share and keep good thoughts for this senior gent who deserved so much better in life than to be living in feces without regular vet care and then dumped in his golden years.


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Basset Rescue Network, Inc. at Daphneyland is unique! We focus on nutritional, medical, social and behavioral rehabilitation of basset hounds (and a few bloodhounds) with the goal of placing them in forever homes with a loving family. We house the hounds on THEIR 5 acre property in Acton California.

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