Hopefully, you used all the “help” buttons and tips during your set-up and have built an awesome GivingGrid! That’s so important!! Now it’s time to bring the people that are going to donate to your online fundraising campaign and help you hit your goal.


Some people think there’s a big “crowd” out there just waiting to donate to your cause. All you have to do is put your campaign up and bam, the donations start pouring in. Not true!! People are coming to the site (or your GivingGrid), because someone sent them there. Maybe it was you directly or a friend of a friend of a friend, but it starts with you! Then your GivingGrid will help get you grow your network of supporters, get the donations and hit your goal. It all starts with you and a well thought out campaign.

A Plan

Too many people believe they’ll just shoot one email or a tweet and their campaign will take off. Probably not true! It could be true if you’re fundraising for one of those one in a million incredible, gut-wrenching, heartstring pulling or amazing causes that are PR worthy, like fundraising for a car for the guy that was walking 21 miles to work every day for 10 years. That campaign raised over $300K and was mind blowing, but most of us need to work for it…

Think of this as a simple marketing or ad campaign, that costs you nothing. Use every medium available (email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, phone calls, smoke signals, whatever) and try different messages. Then you have to do it all over again and maybe again. You might feel like you’re bugging people, but in reality, you’d be amazed how many don’t even notice the first couple of times or they plan to donate or take a look, but forget. Sometimes just a simple little nudge is all it takes.

That said, GivingGrid gives you an entirely new way to fundraise. Rather than asking people for a donation in an email or Facebook post, your goal is to get them to your GivingGrid any way you can and let your GivingGrid do the selling.

The bottom line is this: you don’t need a formal marketing plan. That’s not necessary! What you need is to think through and plan what you’re going to do to get your GivingGrid in front of every single person you know and then get them to do the same. It’s not rocket science and there’s no magic. It’s really pretty simple and straightforward and we’ll help!