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Wall of Love

This is your go to place to promote and manage your
Wall of Love (WOL) campaign.

Hopefully you’ve created an awesome campaign that pulls on people’s heartstrings or makes them smile! That’s so important!!

concrete wall 3d rendering

Now it’s time for you to bring the people that are going to donate and share. We make that really easy! 

Make sure you’re logged in and check out all the buttons on the right if you’re on a PC or at the bottom on phones!

Email Sharing (email blast) Rocks!
Without a doubt, the most effective way of reaching out to your supporters is email. In most cases, it’s 10-20 times more effective than social media and social media works great!

Social Media
Those buttons are set up to automatically include your link and more in your post. Click on a few and see what’s up. Social media rocks too, so make sure you use those buttons or post yourself on your pages.

Use every medium available (email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, phone calls, smoke signals, whatever) and try different messages. Then 
maybe you have to do it all over again. You might feel like you’re bugging people, but in reality, you’d be amazed how many don’t even notice the first couple of times or they plan to donate or take a look, but forget. Sometimes just a simple little nudge is all it takes.

Good luck!!