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An email blast to all your supporters, friends, relatives, etc., is without a doubt the most effective and fastest way to get donations and get out of the gate quickly. We can’t stress that enough! On a one for one basis, email is 10-20 times more effective than social network posts and social posts are great! Here’s why:

  • Emails are more personal and urgent or pressing. People tend to open emails quickly, very often on their phone first. Social posts are looked at more casually. Everybody is always looking at their inbox, but not everyone is always on their Facebook page or Twitter feed.
  • Emails linger, meaning they can hang around in someone’s inbox for a long time (even days), whereas a Facebook posts average lifespan is three hours and a tweet is about 18 minutes.
  • Emails provide much more room or space to deliver your message.

The social networks play in big-time too, because they’re the easiest way to share, more on that later…