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This is one of the coolest features! It essentially makes it look like your GivingGrid is a part of your website. This is a simple process and if done right can be an effective tool to capture additional donations. 

While using this feature can result in more visits and donations, it cannot be relied upon alone. They key to any GivingGrid campaign is to proactively drive traffic to your GivingGrid, using the link we provide and email, social posts, etc. Any donations that come from your website are a bonus.

Here’s how you go get the little snippet of HTML code we provide and the instructions: Settings > Additional Settings > Run on your website. It’s important that you put the HTML code we provide in a place that allows your GivingGrid the full width of your website. If it can’t be the full width, get as close as possible. If you place the HTML code in a narrow column, your GivingGrid would not show very well, so we automatically replace it with a very cool widget. 

Here are examples of what it might look like the right way and the wrong way.

This feature is not offered with Urgent Help for Animals, because the typical campaign is only a few days.