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Please take a moment to review this important checklist. Properly addressing these things will make a big difference in the success of your campaign.

  • I’ve uploaded at least four great images (adding a great video helps a lot, if you’ve got one.). Learn More…
  • My main image is landscape oriented (wider than tall). Learn More…
  • My main image is a very “moving” photo and not a logo or line art. Learn More…
  • My copy tells a story and is super passionate (heartstring pulling), not boring.
  • I’ve asked for a donation at least twice in my overviews.
  • I’ve asked donors/supporters to share my campaign at least once in my overviews.
  • I’ve carefully proofed all my copy for misspellings and typos.
  • I’ve applied bold, headings, etc. to my detailed overview to emphasize important points.
  • I’ve set a reasonable goal. Something that can be achieved or exceeded.
  • I’ve entered all my organization information, if I’m a nonprofit.
  • I’ve prepped my GivingGrid for launch. Learn More…