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Your launch email can be professional looking (HTML) or personal.  You can even try both. Also, very often, nonprofits will include their launch announcement as the top story in their newsletter, but that could be a timing issue and we highly recommend that your launch include at least one email.

Your objective is to get your supporters to your GivingGrid and let it do the selling and closing. The first basic rule of email marketing is to get your prospects to your landing page any way you can, as long as you’re not outright deceiving them. Say as little as possible, just get them there! This is a very difficult concept for many nonprofits to grasp, because very often it’s the email that contains the compelling story and the request for a donation. Then the landing page is your donation page. Unfortunately, the prospect knows exactly what to expect, which is why so many of them don’t click through. This is where we constantly hear the term “donor fatigue.”

There are some exceptions where you might want share more in an email. Those tend to be the gut wrenching, heartstring pulling stories that people just can’t resist, but you still don’t have to ask for a donation in the email.


Here’s a great tool!
GivingGrid can help you overcome donor fatigue. We don’t recommend even mentioning the words donate, donation, contribution, etc. We had one nonprofit that simply told their supporters to click on a link to go see a new video. It worked! They hit their goal in a week. In fact, it worked so well that we added a very slick feature you can use if you have a great video. You’ll notice that under each video in your settings there’s a special link. When used in an email, social post or on your website, it will overlay that video on top of your GivingGrid. When they’re done watching, they’re on your GivingGrid. Donation time! Great video can increase your donations by up to 100% and gives people a great reason to click through to your GivingGrid. For example, “Click this link to go see our latest short video!” Here’s an example of what people will see when they click it: Example

If you’ve given it all you’ve got and you just can’t come up with a great launch email, why don’t you shoot off an email to and ask for help. We’ve got a few creative people that can probably help you out.