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Only with your help can we increase the number of lives saved at our sanctuary in San Luis Obispo county.  Chiquita's Friends and Meade Canine Rescue are 501(c)3 rescues dedicated to stopping cruelty to animals and giving hope to the forgotten, rejected and neglected animal friends. We are partnering to remodel the buildings on this heavenly property. HELP US SAVE MORE DOGS!

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  • Update

    Dear Chiquita's Friends,


    Well We did it!!! We reached our goal and I will be writing a check for $20,000.00 to meade Canine Rescue today. I cannot tell you all how much you were a HUGE part of this. You are the reason we can now continue with our barn remodel. Please keep July 9th 2016 on your calender for our big gala at Rancho Chiquita in Malibu. Sometime in April we will have a barn raising event up in PASO ROBLES.

    Yesterday we found three old Beagles in horrible shelters in Los Angeles. Charlotte will take them into her home even though our barn is not ready yet. We have volunteers who will pull and transport our seniors to Malibu and then on to Paso Robles.

    I am sad to say that my beloved Elmer lost his battle with prostate cancer on new Year's Day despite all the Eastern and Western Medicines combine. He is laid to rest at Rancho Chiquita and he will be deeply missed.


    Geraldine and Charlotte


  • Update

    Dear Chiquita's Friends,

    I want to wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. It is with great joy and happiness and pride that I am reporting that we are only a few hundred dollars away from our original goal. This is so very exciting for me and Charlotte Meade my partner. I have written Charlotte a check in the amount of $20,000.00 which I will present in person on my next trip.

    I could not have done it without each and everyone of you. There are still checks coming and donations being made. In case you didn't see the Malibu Times Article ~ Here is it. If you scroll down to the bottom and open the U tube video, you will see me making my plea for help, the first time I have ever made such a video. I'm proud of the way it came out and you will hear the story of Maddie who actually came from Meade Canine Rescue. Thank you each and everyone.  Geraldine and Charlotte

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Please make a donation to help the planning and renovation of the barn at our existing Meade Canine Rescue sanctuary located in the rolling hills near Paso Robles. Only with your help can we remodel and upgrade the existing buildings and horse barns so we can save even more homeless and abandoned dogs.

Rescue is really HARD! It's hard to see them arrive, whether battered, abandoned, or starving and it's just as hard to see them leave, even to the best of homes, because we fall in love with them.

Once we get them out of harm's way and safely to their comfortable temporary home in the Central Coast, we can start networking them PROPERLY to find their forever homes. Your funds will add electricity, fencing, food prep areas, play areas and landscaping to enhance a lovely open interior/exterior home without kennels or cages. Here, dogs will get the love and care they've never had!

There is a great need in California for these death row dogs to have a safe and consistent place to go while awaiting adoption. When there is nowhere to go, THOUSANDS DIE just because shelters and pounds are overcrowded. Although we can't change the world....REPEAT AFTER US: "We sure can TRY to change the world for at least some lucky dogs."

Thank you in advance and we hope to see you at the grand opening in 2016. With your help, we have the ability to help more dogs in the right ways. You can't save all the dogs but you can help save a lot more by joining forces with Chiquita's Friends and Meade Canine Rescue!

This cause is VERY important to us and our partner Geraldine Gilliland, a strong supporter of this project and a staunch animal advocate. Geraldine has spent the last 20 years rescuing and caring for the battered, rejected and neglected dogs at her Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains. GERALDINE HAS OFFERED TO MATCH FUNDS DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR!!!.

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