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Don’t stop emailing and posting to your social pages after your launch. Be gentle with the email though. Too many emails delivering the same message will get old and annoying. We know you’re anxious to hit your goal, but spread them out and maybe send one a week max. Be creative. Give them reasons other than donation donation donation to go to your GivingGrid.

  • Maybe you’ve hit a milestone in your campaign?
  • Maybe something significant has happened to you personally or to your organization?
  • If you’re raising funds for a medical need or an emergency, share the current status of the recipient’s health.
  • If you’re raising funds for a community project, talk about its progress.
  • Maybe there’s a new video or photos to show?
  • Maybe you want to ask your friends or supporters to simply share or forward your email with a message?

There’s a myriad of creative reasons for you to talk to them… With social posts (as we mentioned in the launch section) you can be more assertive, because they’re not as intrusive or annoying, but still, there are limits, so don’t go overboard. Again, be creative and don’t always ask them to donate. Get them to your GivingGrid and let it do the selling. And remember to ask them to share!!