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This is where your "Grab them" statement goes. It's meant to "grab" the attention of the potential donor and motivate them to post a heart. Read more.

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Wall of Love Demo

This Wall of Love (WOL) demo is meant to give you the WOL experience. The Most Wonderful Charity is made up, but if we were to create a charity, that's what we'd call it!

Wall of Love is modeled after the "checkout charity" campaigns most of us have experienced at our local supermarket. It's the digital version and way more cool!

This is normally where your campaign overview would go. Everything someone might need to know to convince them to share the love and post a heart with a donation. We've also added a few photos and a very cute otter video, just because...

Go ahead and click on a few taken hearts and then click an available one and check out the donation process and the options.

The WOL mobile experience is awesome!

By the way, you can have dollar amounts or no dollar amounts in your hearts and there are different color theme options. There's no limit to how big a WOL can get. Thousands of hearts!

Interested in creating your own Wall of Love? Whether you're a nonprofit raising money or an individual raising money for yourself, a loved one or for your favorite charity, Wall of Love will serve you well...

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The Most Wonderful Charity

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Wonderfulville, MT 70146

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