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How would you feel if you donated money to a cause and never heard from them again? With GivingGrid, you’re not only raising money, you’re expanding your supporter base. Stay in touch with these guys with “updates to donors” throughout your campaign and even after it ends. We make it so quick and easy and 30% of donors either donate a second time or refer people. That’s huge!

The cool thing about donor updates is that unlike your email blasts to your entire base, these guys are already on board and into it. They want you to succeed! Don’t get crazy, but share everything that matters and never ask them to donate again, with perhaps the one exception of it being the last few days of your campaign IF you haven’t already hit your goal. You can ask them to share, although at the bottom of every donor update, we include a message to share with all the sharing icons. Still, it can’t hurt to ask…

It’s great to use milestones. “Thanks to you we’ve already made it 25% of the way to our goal!” Then do it again at 50% and so on… If this is a personal fundraiser for say medical bills for an injury, share how you’re doing. If you’re a nonprofit raising money for a new building, you can share new developments with the planning.  Just find good reasons to share and share often.

Prepare and Send the Update
To prepare and send an update to donors, go to Settings > Emails > Send an update to all your donors. You have full editing capability, so you can add photos, underline, etc. Make sure you click the “Preview” button to see what it will look like before you send it and you can even send a test email to yourself or others. Make sure you have the “Post to Updates on your grid details page” checked. When you’re ready to send it, click the “Send Update” button. If you’re not quite ready to send, make sure you click save at the top or bottom of the page. It will be there when you come back.