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seal-893797_640Without a doubt, the number one reason a GivingGrid campaign succeeds or fails is the way in which it’s put together.

Simple, follow our advice and create a professional looking GivingGrid with great photos and/or video and then add some awesome copy and you’re 95% of the way to a great GivingGrid. So why doesn’t everyone just do that? It sounds so easy, but unfortunately we see way too many GivingGrids that were clearly put together and launched in a few minutes with one lousy photo and two lines of copy. Doomed…

Most of the time, we can look at any newly launched campaign and tell right away if it can succeed or it will fail.  We know everyone is super busy, but you have to raise money to survive and pursue your cause, right? Boy, if everyone would just take their time and follow our lead, we’d see a lot more campaigns shatter their goal.

So follow these steps:

1. Go get at least three great photos that represent your cause (logos don’t count). If you don’t have them, make or take them. They must be nice and clear (your iPhone/Android will work great) and try to take them in landscape mode. These photos need to move people. Pick the best one to be your main image.

2. If you can, add a great short video if you can. It’s not required, but really helps! A video can increase donations by up to 100%. Again, use your iPhone/Android. Put it in the first thumbnail position in your settings, so it’s the first thing people see when they scroll past your Grid.

3. Write some moving and compelling copy that defines your cause, begs for help and explains how the money will be used. Ask your associates or friends to help. This should be written like you’re talking to someone face to face with the objective of getting a donation. Nowhere upfront should there be “We’re a 501c3 nonprofit.” No one cares and most don’t even know what that means!

We offer so much more in-depth help throughout the set-up process and right here in Fundraising Central. Please use it! It’s really the difference between raising $100 vs. $1,000 or $500 vs. $5,000 or $10,000 vs. $50,000. And remember, if you need some extra help or input there are people standing by for just that purpose. We want every campaign to succeed!

Of course part II after building an awesome campaign is promoting it and Fundraising Central helps with that too!