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Anyone who clicks the red heart button is a supporter. These people can be quite valuable! While they may not have donated, they still care and they shared your campaign. Ultimately, they might be responsible for several donations, so take care of them too. We separate them from donors, because you may want to speak to them a little differently.

Prepare and Send the Update
To prepare and send an update to supporters, go to Settings > Additional Settings> Emails > Send an update to all your supporters. You have full editing capability, so you can add photos, underline, etc. Make sure you click the Preview button to see what it will look like before you send it and you can even send a test email to yourself or others. If you want to send it right away, click the Send Update button below it. If you’re not quite ready to send, make sure you click save at the top or bottom of the page. It will be there when you come back.