1,2,3... Demo

This is an example of a 1,2,3... campaign. It's one of the most requested formats and we've finally delivered! This is where your brief overview goes, but we're using it to share a few things...

For this example we did 60 squares, but you can have as few as 30 and as many as 200. People have two ways of donating; they can click on a square or on the "Donate Now" button seen below.


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If the square you want is taken or you're in a hurry, just click this button.Donate Now

It would be so much fun and awesome, if we filled every square!
*Donated more than the face value.

Campaign Details

If they click the "Donate Now" button, their donation will be shown below the grid. This works great for when the dollar amount they want is taken. It's also great, because it allows people to keep donating after your 1,2,3... grid is filled.

Another cool feature is that people can donate more than the face amount of the square and when they do, the donation amount on the their square shows with an asterisk, letting people know they donated more.

One other thing to note is that your goal is automatically the total of all your squares added up...

So what are you waiting for? Go start the fun!

Click here: Create a GivingGrid and get going! You can start fundraising right away!

If you're an existing user, go onto your dashboard and click "Start a new campaign."

Plus, as everyone knows, it's free to sign up & we charge you ZERO fees!


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