Promise for the Future

Promise for the FuturePromise Academy at Quakerdale

We are a small non-profit faith-based organization that helps children adopted from foster care who are unable to live at home for various reasons. We offer a private boarding school where the children live year round. We depend on the generous donations of others to keep this one-of-a-kind program going. We teach life skills so children can live healthy, productive lives when they become adults. Our program prevents children from returning into foster care and possibly having the adoption dissolved. The program helps families when their children do not qualify for residential treatment or PMIC facilities, and they have no other options. We are growing this much needed program and need your support so we can help more children. Our mission is to glorify God by participating with parents and the community to train future generations through Christ-Centered learning. We encourage hope, faith, and growth in the families and communities we serve.

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