Help Our Pals Recover from Harvey

We urgently need your help!

In the wake of the storm, animals need saving too!

Harvey has blown through Houston, leaving a path of devastation in his trail. Epic flooding has left thousands of people and pets displaced. For the lucky cats and dogs, they will be moved to a shelter or go with their person to stay with friends or family. They're safe.

But so many others will continue to wander the streets...cold and wet. They are not safe.

Until they reach Special Pals. Please help us get through this.

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Hurricane Harvey has passed and Special Pals is looking ahead to the more difficult days to come.

The rain has slowed, the water is retreating, but we will be busy cleaning up and getting back to "normal." Here's what Special Pals expects over the coming days and weeks as the Houston area recovers from Harvey. It's why we need your help:

  • We are preparing to be inundated with intakes as displaced animals are found after the storm. We expect many of them to be injured and needing medical attention. We will need to replenish our supplies and resources to help care for these pals and keep them safe.
  • We will need funding to supplement the cost of boarding our dogs at a nearby boarding facility.
  • We will be replenishing our emergency repair and supplies funding to cover the costs of the supplies we purchased in preparation for Harvey (generator and gasoline, extra medication and vaccines, food and water, and tarps and plywood to keep the water from coming into the kennels).
  • We will be spending quite a bit of money to repair our damaged roof. While none of our animals are in danger, our roof is leaking like a sieve in many places and we're doing our best to keep up with the overflow.

We are ready to be there for our friends and neighbors, but we need your help. Please consider making a donation to Special Pals. All contributions will go directly to providing uninterrupted care for our animals, and the new animals we will receive.


Thank you for caring about the animals of Houston. Together, we will get through this. #HoustonStrong

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