Immediate Surgery Needed

Urgent help needed for Mercy!

Little 3 1/2month old Mercy is urgently in need of surgery due to a horrific injury to her front right leg. We believe Mercy got stuck in a car engine, when the engine was turned on Mercy sustained severe injuries to her right leg and face. The engine severed the leg half way up, leaving an open wound with protruding bones causing an infection, blood loss and anemia. Her face had "de-gloving" on the chin (an injury resulting in the top layer of skin being torn away from the muscle and connective tissue). Our pictures are too graphic to share, attaching only one picture you can see her missing paw. THANK YOU ALL for your generosity and help! 

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Final Update 10/10/23!!   Mercy is doing well and getting used to having only 3 legs.  Mercy is a fighter, and we could not be happier she survived!  With your help we were able to cover all her veterinary bills that total over $5,600.00.  Mercy appreciates you!!  We can’t do it without our friends!

Best Regards, Save the Animals Rescue Team     

Annette Lamberti & Kym LaMarr


Update: Mercy had her surgery on 9.16.23 her front right leg needed to be amputated.  She is recovering well and already is getting around on 3 legs. Mercy's Surgery was $4,600, any donation that you can make will be greatly appreciated.

START, Save the Animals Rescue Team is reaching out to help save the life of this little survivor.  Seen by a compassionate homeowner, Mercy a little 1/2-month-old was seen outside limping.  A START volunteer was contacted and set out to catch her. After catching her by hand, frightened and scared, Mercy was now safe.  We were unable to the evaluate the severity of her injury, but she was taken to the vet first thing the next morning. Once her under sedation our Vet was able to access her wounds, clean and stabilized her for now. The Vet believe the wound was at least one week old causing trauma, severe blood loss along with severe infection. Mercy is in urgent need of surgery, we are waiting on a call from the surgeon to confirm a surgery date, though it may be determined it will be an emergency surgery due to the exposed bones in the leg.  We are unsure that she would have survived outside alone but now in our hands we hope we can with your help raise much needed funds to save Mercy.   We all THANK YOU ALL, START and Mercy, for your generosity and help! Please share Mercy's story with Friends and Family! Thanks again!!

START, Save the Animals Rescue Team

About the Organization

S.T.A.R.T. relies solely upon the funds raised through Fundraising Events, private contributions, members' financial support and grants to carry out our rescue efforts. Because S.T.A.R.T. is a no-kill organization without a shelter facility, all our rescued animals are fostered by families until they are adopted. S.T.A.R.T. works actively to alleviate the local pet overpopulation crisis through our ongoing (TNR) Trap, Neuter, Return program.

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