Pink Balloons For Poly

Our beautiful Poly is gone... but she will never be forgotten. On May 7 Daphneyland Basset Ranch will be holding their Annual Memorial Balloon Release where messages are sent to pets and loved ones at the Rainbow Bridge. Each $10 donation includes a personal message written on a pink balloon.

Donations will still be accepted here in Poly's memory and go towards helping hurted doggies.


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Rest in Peace, Sweet Poly... all of us loved you!

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  • Update

    Hello Poly fans, friends and supporters!

    We wanted to send out an email blast to those of you who supported Poly's initial fundraiser to let you know (in case you didn't) that sadly we lost our sweet girl on Wednesday, April 27. Even with the heart surgery and medications and high quality foods, her heart just could not sustain her life any longer. She passed in the arms of the people who loved her most. We are still in tears.

    This Saturday we will be holding a Memorial Balloon Release for Poly. Please see:

    Deadline for participation is noon tomorrow, Friday May 6.

    If you haven't been following Poly's Facebook page, please take some time and read thru her "Dear Diary" entries... there are a lot of laughs and sweet moments:

    We will be leaving Poly's Facebook page up and running so that we can continue her legacy of "helping hurted doggies."

    Again, thank you for your support. You helped Poly - and us - to make a huge difference in the lives of many, many dogs... and  you helped us give Poly the best 6 months of her short life.

    Love and hugs,

    Poly and the Rescue Ladies at Foreverhome Pet Rescue, Inc. and

Campaign Details

Poly swept into our lives the same way she came into yours... via Facebook. We saw that photo of her abandoned on the bench and we HAD to help her.

She had a very hard life prior to coming to us, but her 6 months with us were full of joys that we are quite sure she had never experienced before. She left us far too soon, but we have no regrets.

Every year our sister organization - Daphneyland Basset Rescue - holds a Memorial Balloon Release at their Ranch honoring pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. In the background "When You Wish Upon A Star" plays. There are tears. There is love. It is a beautiful and unique event.

This year that event happens to be just a little over a week after the loss of our beautiful girl... and since we know there are people all over the world that felt that they "knew" Poly and are grieving her loss - we wanted to provide a way for everyone to say goodbye to her in their own personal way.

Donate $10 and type up your message to Poly... and we will write it on a pink balloon and release it for you at the event. We want to TURN THE SKIES PINK for Poly on May 7.

You are welcome to submit donations/messages for other pets as well if you like... and if you are in the Southern CA area and would like to attend the event, please email us so we can provide you with details and directions.

Proceeds benefit (a program of Foreverhome Pet Rescue, Inc) and Daphneyland Basset Rescue.

Foreverhome Pet Rescue, Inc.

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