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With Winter just around the corner, we are raising monies to help pay for the animal's hay and for the 6-month vet and farrier visit. We have the vet come out twice a year to check the health and well-being of the animals. Our vet takes her time to look over each of the 11 goats, 5 rabbits, 3 cats, 2 turtles, the donkey, and any yardbird that might be ill.  We also take this time to administer any medication or vaccines the animals need as well as inspect their housing and feeding areas to ensure the animals maintain optimal health and happiness. The farrier comes every 6 to trim hooves. Maintaining the donkey's and goat's hooves is essential to their health and happiness. Because of supporters like YOU, the animals are more able they are to provide their therapeutic magick. 

Faeryland's Farm is a care farm that serves as an animal sanctuary for rescued farm animals and domesticated animals that provides a safe, effective, healing environment and uses a holistic approach to the general well-being and education of humans and animals via therapeutic and educational activities. We supply animal education programs, goat therapy, animal therapy, and animal reiki to help comfort animals and individuals of all ages to increase mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health as humans learn to relate to animals in new ways. Our mission is to provide a safe space for healing.

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