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A fantastic opportunity has been given to the entire Veteran Community. This will be a grass roots effort to open & run a non-profit organization for veterans in Crissis and their families. Will you join us in our MISSION today? Please see the updated attachment! 

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Campaign Details

The Bailey Organization has some very exciting and major news!!! Huge opportunities have been laid out before us! We are working in a collaboration of non-profit veterans organizations, whom have agreed to work together to put our specific talents to use doing everything in our power to tangibly help Veterans and their families with transition counseling, education, employment, and housing programs. I will be opening the FIRST official location of The Bailey Organization in Houston on Old Spanish Trail Rd in approximately 6 months! 

Here's where things get EVEN MORE EXCITING!!!! I have now Officially partnered with OPERATION RELAUNCH and the NATIONAL CAMPUS FOR VETERANS TRANSITION (NCVT) with a SECOND LOCATION in Marlin TX!

Veterans Facility

Vision Statement:

"A hand up for struggling Veterans and First Responders"

Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive re-integrative services through rehabilitative, non-pharmaceutical, therapeutic, and assistive services. With peer to peer mentorships, both faith based and secular programs available, while networking with other nonprofit social service entities dedicated to helping Veterans and First Responders, and implementing an aftercare program for continued case management and family services.

The Bailey Organization Veterans Facility is pleased to start this fundraising campaign for Veterans in crisis. The facility will have adequate berthing, kitchen, recreational area, and classrooms for veterans to be in a comfortable and open environment focusing on biopsychosocial healing, as well as spiritual healing for those who wish to do so. Biopsychosocial healing is the science of balancing Bio (physical), Psyche (mental), Social (relationships). If any of these three life sustaining entities is off balance it can become a snowball effect, but when balanced properly can heal and help individuals thrive. 

We intend to partner with dozens of small nonprofit businesses throughout the Country who are committed to helping our Veterans struggling with issues such as; homelessness, addictions, Combat PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), and Military Sexual Trauma (MST). This facility has the potential to save thousands of lives across the country. Our vision is to do so much more. 

As a treatment facility, we will make a tangible effort in our patrons' lives and help out by having computers available that veterans can use to search for jobs, apply for various government aid programs, and find Churches in their areas to get acquainted with. Transportation will be provided, so our Veterans can make any outside appointments necessary. We will also provide non-pharmaceutical therapeutic classes such as painting, pottery, and music. A weight room for physical therapy, and few pool tables for comradery and morale.

According to the most recent "VA Suicide Prevention Program Report" from July 2016 and Veteran Suicide Statistics from 2001- 2014, an average of 22 Veterans died from suicide each day. It is important to note, that 6 of the 22 were users of VA services. They were NOT accounting for those service members denied VA benefits for various reasons, those that refused VA healthcare due to the lack of care, or those who were never in the VA system because they had private insurance or were eligible to continue their Tricare/State funded insurance. The actual rate is much higher than 22 a day, the new statistic just released by the VA Report on July 2016, shows that approximately 32-35 a day are committing suicide. This is completely unacceptable! We are dedicated to get involved in the veteran community by providing a living HOPE and a tangible change in veterans' lives to be successful and fruitful in today's society.

"In 2014, the rate of suicide among all Veterans was 35.3 per 100,000. Since 2001, the age-adjusted rate of suicide among U.S. Veterans has increased by 32.2%. In 2014, the rate of suicide among U.S. civilian adult males was 26.2 per 100,000. Since 2001, the age-adjusted rate of suicide among U.S. civilian adult males has increased by 0.3%. In 2014, the rate of suicide among U.S. Veteran males was 37.0 per 100,000. Since 2001, the age-adjusted rate of suicide among U.S. Veteran males has increased by 30.5%. In 2014, the rate of suicide among U.S. civilian adult females was 7.2 per 100,000. Since 2001, the age-adjusted rate of suicide among U.S. civilian adult females has increased by 39.7%. In 2014, the rate of suicide among U.S. Veteran females was 18.9 per 100,000. • Since 2001, the age-adjusted rate of suicide among U.S. Veteran females has increased by 85.2%." - VA Suicide Prevention Program Report from July 2016

The Objective
Our facility will rotate structured 8 - 10 week programs for Veterans with PTSD/TBI/MST in Crisis that need readjustment and integration counseling. We will provide both Faith based (counseling and curriculum provided by Branches of Valor) and a secular 12 step recovery programs for both Male & Female Veterans; thereby, meeting the Veterans where they are, and assisting them to get where they need to be… SUCCESSFULLY INDEPENDANT.

Need #1: Fill the need for immediate intervention for a veteran in crisis by being available at all hours. Having a manned hotline phone number, where they can talk to a live person 24/7/365. Internet interaction through our Facebook page "Check on a Vet," where people can reach out in a non-threatening forum. Also implementing a scholarship program reserve account for travel to and from the facility from anywhere in the nation.
Need #2: Improve mental health with readjustment and integration counseling both faith based and secular on a rotating schedule, to accommodate both male and female Veterans. The Faith based program we will implement with permission from the "Branches of Valor" (also a nonprofit veteran's organization) is "The Combat Trauma Healing Manual" and by Rev. Chris Adsit. A copy will be available to view.
Need #3: Specialized training for staff and volunteers to recognize and discern between troubled and suicidal individuals and the proper procedures, before ever serving as a volunteer in the facility.

The Opportunity
This is a fantastic and grossly needed opportunity for the Veteran community. As a nonprofit Veterans Organization, we can truly make a difference and improve the lives of not just our Veterans and First Responders, but their families as well. Getting the these Veterans/ First Responders out of crisis, working, counseling, and lending a hand up, not a hand out. These Veterans can thrive and be productive in their communities, churches, and society.

Goal #1: Tangibly help Veterans with PTSD/TBI/MST in Crisis that need readjustment and integration counseling within 8-12 weeks in house counseling, and follow up contact for continued support when the Veteran leaves the facility.
Goal #2: Integrate nonprofit programs who hire Veterans nationwide, provide resume writing classes, and interview practices, and internships for various occupations.
Goal #3: Help every Veteran find a purposeful volunteer hobby; whether working with other Veterans, volunteering at an animal shelter, or any socially beneficial volunteer program, both here and in their home state once they graduate from our program.

Thereby, teaching them to focus on something beyond themselves.
If you have questions feel free to contact us.


The former Tom Connally Veterans Hospital in Marlin, Texas, will soon have new life after having been closed for over 14 years. The facility, which opened in 1949 and closed in 2003, will now be the home of the National Campus for Veterans Transition. 

Located on 8-acres with a five-floor main building totally 175,000 sq/ft., and 9 ancillary buildings with an additional 29,000 sq./ft. of living space, there exists the possibility of housing 256 to 300 veterans. The mission of NCVT is to provide services and programs that will assist the men and women of our military services in transitioning from military to civilian life. This transition often presents many challenges for them emotionally, physically, and socially. This not only affects the individual but also the entire family. NCVT will offer a program to veterans, Operation ReLaunch, to provide counseling, job skills training, rehabilitation, and job placement. The veterans will be provided housing with meals, counseling, mental health services and educational opportunities at area colleges and universities. After their completion of the education program assistance will be provided in seeking employment. Counseling for family members will be available. It is the goal of Operation ReLaunch to empower our nation's heroes with the tools to lead high-quality lives with dignity and respect. It is the least we can do for those who have given so much.

A 11-member board of directors composed of veterans, educators, business people, civic leaders and legal authorities will manage Operation ReLaunch. Advisory boards composed of individuals with expertise in veteran affairs, finance, education, human resources, counseling, social work and the legal field will provide guidance in the formation of policies and implementation of programs. Volunteers will provide services from office work to serving meals. We plan to utilize the AmeriCorps and Vista programs to provide work assistance in needed areas. The board will hire a CEO, accounting staff, clerical, maintenance, kitchen and other staff, as it is financially feasible.

Our vision is to have NCVT and the nonprofit program, Operation ReLaunch, recognized nationally and internationally as the first "University for Veterans" and as the leader in providing programs and assistance, medically and educationally, with moral support, for our veterans and their families to make a successful transition from their lives in the military to a meaningful and productive life in the civilian world.

Partners: Texas State Technical College; McLennan Community College; American Legion Post 31; American Legion District 11; Veterans One-Stop; City of Marlin; Falls County; Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice; Power with Purpose; Waco Foundation; Temple VA; Waco VA Center for Excellence in TBI for Returning Veterans; American Legion Riders; Sterling VA Marlin, LLC. Serving vets, The Bailey Organization, and the Amputee Alliance, Others to be added.

Building acquisition and renovations:

Sterling VA Marlin, LLC, (for-profit unit) purchased the 8-acre site on June 9, 2017.
Renovations for
Phase I:
will begin when NCVT has approved applications for 12 veteran residents to be housed in Bldg 5.
Renovations will continue on Bldg. 2 and 4 for an additional 20 units of living quarters.
Phase one will include renovations of Bldg 3 for administration and leasing offices.
Phases 2-5
involves renovations in the main building by floors over the next 2-5 years.
Renovations are subject to change by priority as space is leased by businesses and agencies to provide services for the veterans.

501 C (3) status:

The nonprofit, Operation ReLaunch, has completed all the state requirements for nonprofit status,including approval for 501 (c) (3) status.

Publicity and fundraising

A nationwide media campaign, "100 Campaign =100 Veterans in 100 Days for $100,000" is being planned for start up.

Website, emails, and other communications are in the process of development.

The final projection is to have 250-300 veterans in the facility within the next five years.

NCVT and Sterling continue talks with interested investors to raise the financial resources to guarantee a successful business plan.

NCVT is just beginning it's journey to establish a nationally recognized program that will make a difference in the lives of the many men and women who need help in the adjustments they must make from military to civilian life. We realize there is no track record for this endeavor, but we have investors who were willing to put forth the money necessary to purchase property that no one else was willing to do over 15 years, a Board of Directors with proven records of accomplishments, and a burning desire to see our nation's veterans become successful educationally, emotionally, and socially

"The greatest good is accomplished by doing good for others".

The Collaboration

The programs I intend to implement at the Bailey Organization, will now also be incorporated into NCVT's new campus in Marlin TX and the Houston location will also Serve as an intake and transition housing for those continuing to the Marlin location.

This huge campus, which is on 8 acres, with a 5 floor main building totalling 175,000 sq/ft and 9 ancillary buildings with an additional 29,000 sq/ft of living space.

More information to follow...

Here is the update to everything that has happened! Please take the time to read the entire article! Blessings are being poured out! Even when things seemed to be falling apart, they were really just falling into place!!!

Please read the following article about how everything came together!

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