Keep The Music Alive!

Keep The Music Alive!

Your donation will help keep this internet station and our dj drops plus website operational. This is an effort to replace and update studio equipment. Also helping to cover basic costs of website fees, music purchases and equipment maintenance among other necessities. This is a non profit station that relies on the generosity of its listeners to help when possible.  

Recently the affects of COVID-19 have impacted us all. This is especially true for this modest station that lives out of a passion for a music platform that is unlike any other. DJ's and Independent Artists are lifted up and given exposure to the world here. Your help to support the station with any amount large or small makes a dramatic difference in our ability to keep the music alive. 

Thank You for listening and supporting Radio Zuppa!

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Unlike most other services, we don't charge Rocky Principe any fees. It's free to them.

We rely on these small voluntary contributions to help cover the costs associated with providing this site and service for free to all the important causes we support. Thank you, GivingGrid would not be possible without your help!


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