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Honoring Tulip. We are asking for your help in raising $7,500 to assist us in caring for the 164 kittens/cats & 44 puppies and dogs currently under our care. Your gift will be used to support the expense of vet care, food, animal care staff & utilities. Mama Tulip who arrived depleted, shy & overwhelmed recently weaned her pups but sadly,  her frail body just gave out.  This fund is to honor her work & support those who are now under our care. 

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  • Raised: $2,175
  • Goal: $6,565

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Update August 3:  We have adjusted our goal of $7500 to $6465 to reflect $1035 which has been donated directly through our web site.  THANK YOU donors!


In Honor of Tulip…

There is no such thing as lounging by a pool or enjoying the long, lazy days of summer here at Caring For Creatures. The number of animals in need of help does not slow down during the summer months and, in fact, the kitten population increases considerably. Sadly, what historically slows down is the number of much-needed donations to cover our routine expenses as well as those inevitable budget stressing unexpected costs. We are asking for your help in reaching our goal of raising $7,500 to assist us in caring for the 164 kittens/cats and 44 puppies and dogs currently under our care. Your gift will be used to support the expense of veterinary care, food, animal care staff, and utilities.

This particular fundraising campaign has a deep and special meaning for the staff and volunteers at Caring For Creatures. We are dedicating our plea for help to a very special dog, Tulip. On July 29, 2019 we made the necessary choice to euthanize Tulip due to kidney failure. She spent the last 3 days in the hospital under the expert care of Dr. Marty Betts and the Charlottesville Veterinary Hospital staff in Charlottesville, VA.

Tulip was a stray hound who was very wary of humans (probably for good reason). The kind humans who noticed her near their home began putting out bowls of food as she was very thin. On May 23, 2019 Tulip was caught in a humane trap and brought to Caring For Creatures. The following day a vet confirmed that she was pregnant. Looking at her, you would think she was at a normal weight for an adult dog her size – not a pregnant mom. Without the help from compassionate strangers, Tulip and her babies would not have survived.

On June 3, 2019, Tulip gave birth to 6 healthy puppies. She was eating like crazy and had plenty of milk for her babies. We began weaning the pups a week earlier than we normally would to give Tulip a break from the constant nursing and ended up pulling her from them altogether once the puppies were eating well on their own. Still she was eating but not gaining weight – lurking in the background was the fact that her kidneys were breaking down. This would be a challenge Tulip would not overcome.

Like many hounds, Tulip had such a soft and gentle nature. She was frightened at first of living inside and learning how to go in and out of a door. But she trusted us and willingly accepted our help. Tulip would approach you and, in her eyes, you could see and feel a weariness and knew her life, thus far, had not been easy. But also there was the sense of gratefulness she had for our help and friendship. In the end, she gave all she had to her six beautiful puppies. They are special little Beings and in them, they will carry on Tulip’s strength of spirit, gentleness of nature and a large dose of courage.

Please help if you can – any amount will make a difference for at-risk animals like Tulip. We are grateful for your consideration and every gift will be in honor of Tulip.

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