Tracking Endangered Cranes!

We NEED your help to purchase five (5) remote GSM tracking devices for the 2017 whooping cranes! 

GSM tracking units provide accurate and reliable location information via cellular technology and allow us to not only know their whereabouts but also the habitat choices they are making during their migrations.

The cost of each unit is $4000 plus data acquisition. We are hoping to fund 3 years of data for each of the five devices for a total of $25000.00


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  • $24,400Raised
  • $24,000Goal

Show the world that Craniacs CARE!

Thank You Gifts

WHOOP Wristband

For a donation of $25 or more.

The first 75 people to make a donation at this level will receive one of these fun WHOOP wristbands!

Number Available: 71

HELPING Bracelet

For a donation of $50 or more.

HELPING - Feels So Good bracelet. We have a limited number of these fantastic bracelets to give away. They'll be assigned to supporters at the $50 level until they run out.

Number Available: 16

Crane Photo

For a donation of $250 or more.

As a special thank you for your $250 donation, we'll send you a 5 x 7 inch photo of two juvenile Whoopers suitable for framing!

Number Available: 14


For a donation of $500 or more.

Own a piece of history! These adorable whooping crane moppets were made from costumes worn by the OM team while working with the cranes. Lovingly created by Mary O'Brien.

Number Available: 11

George & Gracie

For a donation of $1000 or more.

George & Gracie, aka 3-04 and 9-03 are a bonded pair and have never had other mates. They have been monogamous since they met and have produced the most chicks!

Number Available: 1


  • Update

    We wanted to take some time to update you about this GSM Remote Tracking device campaign. Our goal is $25000 and the campaign currently stands at 1/3 of the way to our goal, or $8000.

    As you know, we are hoping to raise enough funds to acquire 5 new remote tracking devices, which will be placed on the 2017 cohort of Whooping cranes in Wisconsin. These are the only remote transmitters to be used this year and OM has stepped forward to raised these funds as part of our commitment to the eastern population.

    You may recall seeing the following image, which shows the 'pings' acquired for female Whooping crane number 8-15. It's easy to see she seems to be pretty sedentary over the winter and rarely left this small, isolated pond in west Alabama.

    To update you on her whereabouts - take a look at the following Google Earth screen grab from yesterday.

    Whooping crane #8-15 is on her way north to return to Wisconsin! We wouldn't know this if not for these important remote tracking devices, which provide us with almost real-time information, including GPS coordinates, altitude, heading and speed.

    We hope that you'll help us reach our funding goal by sharing the campaign with your family and friends, and through your online social networks by sending this link:

    SHARING is CARING! And the Whooping cranes that migrate east of the Mississippi River need our help.

    Thank you for your support!

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Whooping Cranes once flew the skies over most of North America before habitat loss and unregulated hunting very nearly wiped out the species. In the 1940's there were only 15 Whooping Cranes left in the world!

Since 1967 there has been a concerted international effort involving Canada and the United States to safeguard the species.

Operation Migration and our WCEP partners have succeeded in returning a migratory flock of these endangered cranes to an area they were wiped out from more than a century ago. This is something that has never before been accomplished! Still, fewer than 500 wild Whooping Cranes remain between survival and EXTINCTION. 

With your help we can remotely monitor the young-of-year cranes released this coming fall.  

A new cohort of Parent Reared whooping cranes will be released in Wisconsin in September. Just like last fall, our team will monitor these new releases while in Wisconsin. 

Five (5) of the birds will be fitted with remote GSM transmitters so that they can be tracked via Google Earth. The five transmitters, each with 3 years of data acquisition fees will cost $25,000

Take a look at the data captured with the GSM unit device that female 8-15 is wearing. The red dots show her location(s) over the 2015/16 winter period. 

We need your help to purchase 5 of these very important devices - please consider making a donation today or SHARE this campaign with others! 


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