Stop Littering the Ozarks

​Ozark Haven Rescue's mission is to eliminate the suffering of animals in the Ozarks. We will promote aggressive spay and neuter policies and subsidize spays in our community to  alleviate the pet overpopulation, thereby reducing the occurrences of abuse, cruelty and abandonment of animals in our rural Ozarks communities. 

Ozark Haven is completely volunteer powered and maintained a no kill ethic in the city in which we are headquartered!

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2020 is the year we reach record high community spays!

Campaign Details

The Skies the Limit for unwanted Ozark dogs that would find happiness spayed and living out of state where they are not so common as they are here in the Ozarks.  

We propose 2020 should be the year in which we spay and transport out as many Ozark Dogs as possible.  

They will find kindness, good health, responsible guardians, enriched lives as a altered but cherished pets, the sky is truly the only limit!!!! 

Please help today!  Share, Like, Invite, be our community of good for the dogs and help an Ozark dogs have a better future!


Ozark Haven Rescue, LLC

About the Organization

Ozark Haven Rescue is a Dog Rescue in the center of the Ozark Mountains. Our Pet Overpopulation problem is truly staggering!

PO Box 383
Cabool, Missouri 65689

EIN: 20-8891982



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