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We urgently need your help!

Will 4 wheels save lives?  In our world it will and YOU CAN HELP!!  At long last, we are very close to being able to purchase a large van which is specifically designed to help us safely transport our pets to rescues in New England.  Currently we are renting cargo vans but it's costly and not sustainable. We have 90% of the cost of this vehicle covered and ONLY need 10% more or $6500!  Will you give to help us save lives!  We sure hope so! 

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  • Raised: $3,650
  • Goal: $6,500

Campaign Details

We are in the process of purchasing a transport van to safely send our pets to rescues and need YOUR HELP!

Will 4 wheels save lives.  We say "YES" and here's why!! 

Over the last several years, we have been getting pets out on transport from SC and into rescues in New England via a very piece meal process.  

Long term, this process is no longer sustainable as we pay for rental vans, tolls, gas, hotel bills and driver fees for 3 vans to safely deliver our pets to rescues.   This van is critical in lowering our costs and allowing us to continue to help the homeless pets in our county.

The new transport van is specifically designed to safely transport humans (and also pets!!), so the air flow design inside will ensure that everyone is cool on super hot summer days and then warm on chilly winter days. This one transport van will accommodate pets who would otherwise take upwards of 3 vans to transport. The current vans we use are cargo vans and are NOT designed to transport humans (and likewise pets) but we have been making do to make sure everyone is comfortable relative to inside air flow and air temps.

We NEED however to do better for our pets and need to cut down on our transport costs. This new van is the solution to both needs.

Already we have 90% of funds needed to purchase this life saving van but need YOUR HELP to cover the other 10% needed OR $6500.  Think you can help?  Our pets are counting on loading up on this van to leave our kill shelter and get that second chance in rescue groups in New England.   Your gift will directly save lives in Darlington County  SC.  Please, let's hear from you today! 

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About the organization

Darlington County Humane Society- Rescue



  • Update

    Our van has been launched!! 

    Yesterday, our volunteers were up and at 'em very early at the shelter, loading crates, unloading crates, organizing crates, reorganizing crates and then finally, we found the perfect fit for all of our passengers...all 53 dogs/pups and 15 cats/kittens....and then off the van went up I-95!  Our passenger numbers nicely exceeded our estimate for van capacity in part due to the size and mix of crates we used.   Our new bungees had a full day's workout keeping the stack of crates safely in place while maintaining a nice aisle in the van to make sure everyone had fresh air. 

    It was a long, full day for everyone.  Many pets officially left transport yesterday and are safely tucked into their rescues while others are on day two of travel via a network of volunteer drivers. 

    Thank you again for your support with this amazing fundraising campaign.  It's still hard to believe we were able to pull off buying this incredible vehicle.  Thank you for being a part of our exciting next step towards saving our homeless pets! 

    Darlington County Humane Society- Rescue

    Note:  Below are some pictures from yesterday's transport plus a link of the van leaving our shelter.  Enjoy. 

    Video of van departure:



  • Update

    Our van has arrived!!  Thanks to YOUR SUPPORT,  our new transport van came pulling down our driveway Sunday afternoon.  Many, like myself, got goosebumps seeing the van finally arrive as it's been a mere dream for the rescue team for many years now.  Cathy Norris, one of our long term volunteers who sadly passed away over a year ago, left the seed money for this purchase knowing how very much we really needed a van to save more lives.  We know she could not be more pleased to see her vision finally realized and to see all of YOU who helped in the giving process to close that gap between her gift and the sale price.  THANK YOU for making this possible! 

    Of note on the van,  we did a fast load up of crates at the shelter to confirm the number of lives we will be saving per transport.   We can safely transport 40 dogs and 15 cats.  That number may fluctuate as it is based on the number of crates and with smaller pets, likely more than one will go in each crate.   You may have noticed we have no side windows on our van.  This was a custom feature we asked for to better control the inside temps of the van when it's really hot outside and chilly outside.  The van is designed to comfortably transport humans so the Ac/Heat system will work as effectively in the front of the van as the back of the van with excellent air flow promised to all of our passengers.  We also had installed special floor brackets which will be used to secure the crates in place with bungee cords as no one wants moving crates on a transport van! 

    December 1 will be our inaugural voyage of the van.   We could not be more excited.  Thank you for helping us make history by caring enough to give.  

    Darlington County Humane Society- Rescue


    Ps. In the photos below, the van makes it's way down our driveway.   The doors are opened for us.  Crates are loaded in and the keys are handed over! 




  • Update

    Good Afternoon Everyone. 

    We could not be more excited to announce that we have the funds we need to finally purchase our new transport van.  THANK YOU!! 

    While our goal has not been met in our GivingGrid, the good news is that we had several folks mail checks which allowed us to reach our target.  As I type,  our van is in production queue.  For our pets,  this means that they will have a more comfortable, enhanced ride up I-95 and to their new lives.   For our rescue team,  it means we will be able to reign in the costs for transport that were slowly causing us to go into debt. Having one designated van to transport our pets, one driver, one set of tolls, one hotel room and one large gas tank to fill, is the only way we could move forward and continue to help our pets. 

    December is the target delivery date for our new van. Rest assured that once the new van arrives, there will be much fan fare and an update to you, our supporters, to share in the excitement of our lifesaving purchase. 

    Thank you again for all of your support.  This new van has been a dream of ours for many, many years and it's amazing to think we are just a couple of months away from taking delivery on it!! 

    Darlington County Humane Society- Rescue

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