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Write on Sports needs your support now!  We serve a diverse population of students from all backgrounds academically, economically and culturally in New Jersey, Rhode Island, Colorado and northern California.

Gift the opportunity to improve writing skills, and finding their voice. All donations will be dedicated to build new programs that inspires students to write! Write on Sports programming is tuition-free.

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Write on Sports has engaged students in writing through writing about sports for 18 years. It is our goal to offer innovative writing programs to all kids, even those who do not follow sports. Given the reduction of art and music classes in schools, WoS is excited to offer students new opportunities in artistic culture, creating another avenue to continue our core principles of building writing and literacy skills through project based learning. We are proud to launch Write on Arts for students in 2024!

Our unique program offers personalized literacy and writing mentorship with a 5:1 student/teacher ratio. Post program learning outcome evaluation from the 2023 summer camps demonstrated writing skill improvement in 96.1% of students.

All donations will be directed toward funding the teachers, materials and technology required to build new programs in artistic themes. Your generous contribution will enable us to expand our camps and after school offerings, reach more students, and make a lasting impact.



Write on Sports

About the Organization

The mission of Write on Sports is to provide students from under-resourced areas the opportunity to improve their critical writing skills through project-based programs; to provide impactful student/teacher interactions that inspire students to utilize learned skills through middle school and on; and to provide a platform for students to break through literacy-related glass ceilings and to be a force for writing literacy educational equity.

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