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PARR has given EVERYTHING to the horses it takes in, and now WE are in danger of having to close due to lack of funds. We have taken in cases that others can't, and sink every last dime into nothing but the treatment and care of our horses.  $10,000 is needed to allow us to keep our farm and supply hay and medications for the horses in our care, many "lifer's" that cannot be adopted, but are no less deserving.  PLEASE HELP US KEEP PARR RUNNING!!

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Pennsylvania Racehorse Rehoming, Rehabilitation, and Rescue

About the Organization

1008 Piketown Road
Harrisburg, PA 17112
United States

EIN: 66-0821935




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    Yesterday around 5PM we got an anonymous donation of $169 that put us at our goal of $10,000 to help PARR continue its mission for the horses!!!  THANK YOU!!  We know there are no words that can truly reflect how unbelievably overjoyed we all are and how grateful we are to all of you, but it is solely because of YOUR GENEROSITY that PARR can continue operating.  It is also incredibly heartwarming to all of us that you see and value the amazing work that PARR does and are willing to support it.  We put everything we have into helping these horses, horses that gave their all on the track for their connections.  YOU have stepped up and made sure to give your all for them after they have left the racing scene.  Stay tuned for hearing so much more about how your donations have allowed us to continue helping the horses...and don't be afraid to continue to spread the word about our need for ongoing support.  Just because we hit this goal doesn't mean we still don't need YOUR support as we go forward.  So if you know of people who still want to give, please have them do so.  The higher over 10k we go the more we can all help the horses.  If anyone wants to learn more about PARR and see more of the work we do every day, please visit our webpage at or our facebook page at 



  • Update

    Hello All,

    Allow all of us at PARR to first say THANK YOU!!!!   PARR has come up against some harder times and it is YOUR generosity that is allowing us the ability to continue operating as we restructure some things.  PARR is 100% volunteer and it truly is all about the horses here.  With the exception of the tragically ill fated "Silent Ruler" we take in horses that have not made the headlines or won the millions on the track.  We take in the ones no one sees.  The ones often forgotten about but still in need of a loving home. The ones that actually go on to excel at careers other than racing.  All of this has been done almost exclusively with the little funds we get in from donations AND the sacrifices made by our founder Dr. Papp who has put every cent she has ever made into this rescue to make it work.  We appreciate every dime we get and it goes right back into the care of the horses.  This money we are raising now is to ensure we can remain at our farm and provide hay for our horses (donations had dried up so much and some adoptions that we planned on going through and then did not at the last minute has left us behind on rent payments, hence the urgency).  Please share this campaign and ask anyone you know of to consider giving to PARR.  We may not be known on the national stage, but we are the heroes to those horses that never made it to that limelight, and that means the world to them, and to US!!!

    Thank you again!!!


    All of us at PARR, including "Bailey" "Santee" "Wunder" "Andy" "Cutter" "Wiz" and "Drifter" just to name a few 

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