Sage's Heart Fund

We urgently need your help!

This sweet, meek little lady was looking for a break and by gosh, one has come her way!  She has a rescue interest in helping her and ALL she needs is $205 to cover her heartworm treatment.  We know you would want Sage to be safe so come on and give today!  THANK YOU!

  • Raised: $210
  • Goal: $205

About the organization

Darlington County Humane Society- Rescue



  • Update

    Thank you so much for helping our petite, friendly Sage!  

    She is pure delight and now she had a chance at sharing her gentle, sweet personality with a new family.  Thanks to your gift and the help from others,  she has the funds needed to get treatment for her heart.  Last week Sage had her spay surgery so she is on the books to go in for heartworm treatment mid September.  Following 4 weeks of crate rest, she will be headed to her rescue in upstate NY and a new life.

    Sage is a lucky lady and is very grateful for your caring enough to give.  Thank you for helping her! 




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