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My deepest gratitude to family, many friends and strangers who have reached out in this time of profound loss and grief. They are who keep me standing and moving forward each day after the loss of my home of 21 years and everything within.


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Thank you so much for your generosity.

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No words can describe the emotional and physical depth of the loss of one's home.  Aside from the material things such as family heirlooms, items collected from travels afar, photo's, etc., more important is the loss of what defines one's "home". A place of security, peace, comfort and in my instance, the silence and solitude of what was once a beautiful mountain wilderness.

The silver lining (if one can be found), is that I have rediscovered the true meaning of humility, have immersed myself in the love of family and friends and am brought to tears by the kindness of strangers.  No single life event could ever do this - simultaneously.

Many have asked how they might help and I have struggled to answer that question - my pride gets in the way. But having no place to store purchased or donated items, a funding site seemed the only solution. Having been the care-giver my entire life, I am incredibly humbled by this whole process.

I have dedicated the last 30 years of my life to helping and healing others. At last, I am learning how to receive  - graciously and whole heartedly. 

With deep gratitude,


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