North Idaho wildlife in need!

North Idaho is full of wild animal species. The residents are able to recreate year round. Conflicts arise. American Heritage Wildlife Foundation is one of only a handful of Idaho facilities. AHWF is the only 501c3 nonprofit in the entire panhndle working with both mammals and birds. They have state and federal permits. They receive no county, state, or federal funding to complete the mission. They rely on the community!     

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We keep North Idaho WILD...but not without your help.

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Campaign Details

American Heritage Wildlife Foundation has the mission to work towards the presesrvation of native willdlife species that are injured or orphaned. They accomplish this with all volunteer efforts. Established in 2001 the founder works tirelessly to provide rehabilitative care and community education programs. The website holds greater detail. Each year over 250 phone calls are responded to by volunteers. An average of 2,500 hours is reported. The goal is to create the first Nature Center in the Inland Pacific Northwest.  

American Heritage Wildlife Foundation

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