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We urgently need your help!

Who would not LOVE to bring Hunter on home?   Well, believe it or not for 4 weeks, folks walked right by him at the shelter and never considering taking him home.  The good news for Hunter is that FINALLY, a rescue has shown interest in helping him but can only do so IF we first treat him for heartworms.  $240 will cover his bill, heal his heart and save his life.  Is he worth saving?  If yes,  please give today, won't you?

  • Raised: $240
  • Goal: $240

About the organization

Darlington County Humane Society- Rescue



  • Update


    Hunter is so excited that you gave to help him get the care he needs!   As handsome as he is, still without your help in covering his heartworm treatment cost,  he had no other leads/options in heading home so your gift gave him the ammo needed so he could confirm his rescue offer.   Hunter should be going in next week for treatment and once he's well enough to travel (about 4 weeks), he will be transporting to his rescue foster home in Eastern PA.  Arriving just in time for the fall leaf color show,  he has a whole new, exciting world just waiting for him to explore. 

    Thank you for being a part of his rescue success story! 


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