Wall of Love for Quailwings Rescue

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Wall of Love for Quailwings Rescue

This year is no different then any other with animals freezing to the ground; dying from exposure; abandoned by others; hopeless/helpless until rescued. Read more.

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In a world of so many displaced, abandoned and neglected pets, thank goodness for the amazing rescue centers like Quailwings Rescue. Quailwings Rescue is struggling with low donations and high bills. Medicine prices are rising yearly, while donations are going down. We are struggling along with many other rescues.

We wish we could make the money go farther and last longer, but with so many animals in need it's impossible. Quailwings Rescue averages 60 animals a month within the rescue. We challenge everyone again this year to donate what you can:

*Donate in honor or memory of a friend, family member or pet.

*Wish someone happy birthday, happy anniversary or happy holidays.

*Tell someone to get well soon.

*Simply tell someone you love them.

*Thank a foster for the care they gave to an animal you adopted from us.

*Donors can even send your heart as an eCard!

Sorry photos cannot be uploaded on the Wall of Love.

We will be sharing some stories of some of our recent intakes on our page today, so stay tuned. Thank you and bless you for helping Quailwings Rescue.

Please share our campaign with others! We appreciate your thoughtfulness and support!

Quailwings Rescue

About the Organization

Quailwings Rescue is a 100% volunteer group that works from foster homes providing care and safe harbor for neglected animals. Our rescue promotes the humane treatment of animals and fosters respect, understanding and compassion for all creatures. Quailwings Rescue does not have a facility. We find that providing that care in a home, rather than a kennel works best for our rescues.

214 4th Avenue NW
Cut Bank, MT 59427-2618

EIN: 85-1503961



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