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My home was severely damaged in the Woolsey Fire. I, like many Malibu residents, will not be able to return home for many months.

Meanwhile, as a life-consultant, I am counseling those who feel the brunt of physical and emotional upheaval. I am providing my services at a reduced rate for those unable to pay.

Your donations will allow that others can be supported as I am supplied.

I am willing to ask for this help to help others. 

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Help that helps others, help others!

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Viki King is the highly regarded personal counsel to many luminaries in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Since the fire, so many people say they have benefited greatly from Viki's sessions:

"She is a Guru-Goddess." 

"She is known for her uncanny ability to identify and clear the blocks you have immediately in front of you."

"She gets you from in your way to out of your way."

"I have never experienced a more powerful response to any spiritual or psychological process."




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