The Hick from Lizard Lick

Connie B. Gay was a "hick from Lizard Lick" that became a founding father of Country Music. He discovered many artists like Patsy Cline & Jimmy Dean. He also coined the term, Country Music, in the early 1940's. He produced numerous radio shows, TV shows and even sold out Constitution Hall for 3 nights in a row!



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I have been trying to tell the story of my Grandfather's fascinating career for 25 years. I know I was chosen to do this, I even have his middle name! Connie helped numerous performers get their start, and made Country Music a household name. His efforts paved the way for so many artists to become successful. 

I plan to shoot a promotional trailer to pitch as a TV show about his life. Funds are needed to pay for the production, and efforts to pitch it to networks like Netflix and Amazon.

Every one who donates will receive a credit and a special place in my heart.

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