The Whiskers' Syndicate cat refuge

One life after another, I am trying as much as I can to help sick, abused, neglected animals on the streets of Bandung. I need $600 every week.

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I need $600 every week for food and vet bills

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I run the Whiskers' Syndicate: a tiny private cat refuge in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Your donation will provide food and medical needs for the dozens of cats and kittens in my care.

Breeder capital of the nation, Bandung is overflowing with unwanted animals of all breeds, and the stray management is often, if not always, too gruesome to be true.

Sadly, the self-appointed "big nation" has no animal welfare law, and conservation efforts are tainted by fearless corruption.

Devoid of any protection, animals in Indonesia are vandalized by poachers, illegal trade, excessive milling, and treatment unfit for "someone". Be they household animals, farm animals, or those in the wild, they are treated as "things". You will see some breeder get their kitty mill cat inside their motorcycle baggage cabin (that tiny, airless space under the saddle right at the side of gas tank) or tie their dog on an open truck and drive them, tens of miles away to the vet to find out when they can be mated again, rejecting the vet's offer to treat some apparent sickness on their dog. Often those dogs die along the way and those people don't find out about it until they are about to unload their animals.

When they have served their purpose, they are either sold to flea markets at a cheap price, or just thrown away onto the street, or onto the highway to meet their end.

I am compelled to give my best effort in becoming the suffering animals' best friend, the way they have been man's best friends; and I invite you to join our journey to Canaan: God's promised land of peace and happiness in our blog: Quest2Canaan (

One life after another, I am trying as much as I can to help sick, abused, neglected animals on the street, as much as funds and space allows. I began very little by sending emails to friends, then joining communities, and finally establish a website to chronicle our journey to the day when we can all live as equals.

Started in 2008, in August 2012 we are chosen as Shelter of The Month by SPCA International and I took the opportunity to bring the Whiskers' Syndicate to the next level. That month also marked a giant leap when I was finally able to purchase a private property so I can house the rescued cats properly as well as trying to establish better TNR operation.

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