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Adult dogs in rescue, it's a sad story. You see it all the time. Family got a puppy, puppy never got trained properly because family didn't have enough time to dedicate to it. Puppy develops bad manners. Let's pick the scenario that said family had a baby. Oh, you had a baby? Oh, you don't have enough time for the dog since you had the baby? Your baby is allergic to the dog? Wow, that's so heartbreaking for the returned, with no manners

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We all know puppies are adorable. We love puppy breath as much as the  next person. We love how cute and cuddly a new puppy is, their adorable little noises, the attention they get when you bring them out in public. Puppies grow into teenage dogs. Teenage dogs need training, socialization and boundaries. Teenage dogs like to chew, they like to jump, they like to dig, they are just like a toddler, a lot of work! 

Puppy is adopted, never got trained properly, maybe was hit or abused in some manner. Puppy develops insecurities and bad manners. Puppy might even develop some dangerous fear based behaviors. Adopter says something is wrong with dog, dumps it at a kill shelter. Now, we have this beautiful soul who sadly ended up in the wrong hands from the very beginning. He's not trained, he's got some fear based issues but is loving and kind and deserves every chance in the world to be happy and loved. In steps Ruff Dog Rescue GA. 

Puppy is now a full grown dog. Full grown with some bad habits and in need of some specialized training to help him get a wonderful home. Help him so that his new family doesn't give up on these bad habits and return him yet a gain. We see it a lot in this world of rescue. Ruff Dog Rescue GA isn't in the business of getting dogs into homes to lessen our load. We are in the rescue business to find our dogs compatible homes that they can grow old in and live the best lives possible. For this reason we desperately need to raise some funds to get 6 of dogs professional training. 

The RUFF DOGS desperately NEED your HELP!!  We have exhausted all our reserve funds caring for sick puppies medical bill, and appreciated our followers donations.  We hate asking our supporters again so quickly but find ourselves needing funds for professional training.  Yep, several of our adult dogs need to brush up on some skills to have a successful adoption.  It's either pay for boarding a return from a potential home because of unacceptable or inappropriate manners or correct the problem and have them stay with loving forever families.  Let's face it, most of the adult dogs rescued come with a tad of correctable baggage because previous owners never spent quality time training and socializing the pet so they never developed certain skills. No fault of their own!  Ruff has partnered with the trainers of Tenasity to lend a helping hand (paw) and give our Ruff Dogs the skills needed to land a successful adoption.  A couple pets are already in adopted homes, just need a handful of training lessons to keep them in their homes.  Unless we address and correct the problems, they will always be a return, someone has to help, so please help us help the dogs and give them the skills needed!! 

I know everyone is more emotionally incline to help a dog with medical expenses in a life or death situation but if you will help us once again with these deserving pets, we can then continue our mission of saving more lives.  We have to get our adult dogs adopted, freeing up foster homes and kennel space, allowing us room to save more lives. 

Our current dogs needing training are GABY (ruffs longest resident, 3 years, excitement aggression), HENRI (unsocialized with people), BUBBA (fearful of people), TYLER (80 pound bundle of energy needs to learn how to curb his enthusiasm with basic command/leash skills), PEACHES (unsocialized & fearful of dogs) and PETEY (has a nibbling issue with excitement).  All of these kiddos are awesome dogs, please DONATE to give them a fresh start in life!! 

Our goal is a whomping $3500. I know, right!! That's a lot of money but considering the benefit given to provide a new life to SIX deserving pets is priceless!!!!!


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