Andres Needs Surgery.

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Andres Needs Surgery.

My little brother needs surgery that insurance won't cover. Please consider adding a heart to our Wall of Love and donating to help cover travel costs. Read more.

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I knew I had a brother from day one. The "Tomboy phase" was the only "phase" that Andres never grew out of. He came out to us as transgender in December of 2015 when he was twelve-years-old, which wasn't really a surprise because he has literally always been this way. Andres started testosterone on February 28th, 2017.

Every day he gets closer and closer to physically being the boy he has always been. His voice has dropped and his confidence has soared exponentially. There is just one problem: the boobs. After fighting with insurance for the entire year, it has been made pretty clear that they won't cover the surgery to remove his breast tissue because they consider it "cosmetic" and "medically unnecessary".

I'd like to make it clear that four different doctors have told our insurance company that Andres's surgery is medically necessary for the sake of his wellbeing. There are other insurance policies across the country that would let him have his surgery, and that in the state of Oregon our insurance's policies (Anthem) would be UNLAWFUL!

We can't change our insurance because we get it through my dad's work and we aren't moving to Oregon anytime soon, so we are going to be paying for his surgery entirely out-of-pocket.

In order to make this surgery a reality for my little brother, I am asking for everyone's help to at least cover the travel costs, as he has to fly to San Fransisco for the surgery and stay there until he recovers. The whole situation with insurance is totally unfair to Andres, and he doesn't deserve to be worrying about whether or not he can get his surgery.

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