8 Dogs lost to unknown illness

We urgently need your help!

Incredibly heartbreaking: 8 rescue dogs in Ohio suffered from an unidentified illness that took all their lives.
3 of the dogs have been sent for autopsy and we're still waiting on the results.

Full story is posted on our website here: www.laststoprescue.com/helpOhio

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Money will go to support the following dogs and groups:
Last Stop Rescue
Fur Kids Family Rescue

Last Stop Rescue NFP

About the Organization

We are a foster based rescue that often takes dogs that are about to be given up and are dogs that would not thrive in a kennel situation. We deal with severe food aggression, reactivity, semi feral dogs that don't know how to live with humans or be handled, among many other behavioral challenges. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see their stories!

20W356 Belmont Pl
Addison, IL 60101

EIN: 92-3646356



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