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Hulk is a 15 month St. Bernard with a torn ACL that needs immediate surgery, followed by rehab.  Wendy has the worse cherry eye the surgeon has ever seen and needs to have that repaired so she has a chance of being adopted.  We have 3 dogs, Tyler, Magic and Mocha that are heartworm positive and need treatment at the cost of $300.00 each.  We have 2 epileptic dogs that need daily medicines.  We are very grateful for your donations and support.

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The Hulk was an owner surrender from a wonderful family where the wife had several medical needs.  The Hulk is a 15 month old pure, AKC St. Bernard.  In the last few weeks he has injured his leg and tore his ACL.  This occurred by him having fun and playing with the other big dogs.  Due to the ACL tear, he is having surgery this Monday, June 23, 2016 with the cost of over $3,000.00.  That will include surgery and six weeks of water rehab.  It is so sad to see this wonderful, healthy boy not want to get up because of the pain in his leg.

Wendy is a full St. Bernard that came to us with a cherry eye.  We have gone to numerous veterinarians as well as an eye specialist.  Her cherry eye is one of the worse that doctors have seen and given us an estimate of $1,300 - $1,500 to perform the surgery.  It does not hurt her however, no one will adopt her due to the appearance that a cherry eye projects.  We greatly appreciate your assistance so that Wendy may have a chance at a wonderful life.

Tyler was pulled from a kill shelter on his last day due to overcrowding.  Tyler is a great, fun loving Golden Retriever/Lab mix.  Once we did all his shots and neuter we discovered he was heartworm positive.  We have the $400.00 for his treatment and he is doing great.  He is looking for the perfect forever home.

Austin is a gorgeous, full  St. Bernard that came to us due to him being epileptic.  He was on Phenobarbital which caused him to lose all of his hair.  We have changed his medication to a newer drug that controls his seizures, however, it is very expensive and cost $140.00 each month.

Magic Piglet is a cute little 40 pound dog that was at a kill shelter.  We rescued him because his time was up and he was too cute to pass up.  We got him neutered UTD on vaccinations and then found out he is heartworm positive.  His Heartworm treatment has been completed and we spend $300 just for that procedure.

Mocha is a half Irish Setter and half Chocolate Lab.  He came to us from a kill shelter where he was in such bad condition they could not adopt him out.  He is very underweight, heartworm positive and has extreme hair loss due to flea allergies.  We will be doing his heartworm treatment once he has gained weight and is strong enough to go thru treatment.  This alone will cost approximately $300.00.

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