This Girl Was Found Trapped in a Well

Urgent help needed for Tudy !

A man arrived home to the sounds of a crying animal resounding from the woods. As he approached the sound, he discovered the ghastly sight of a dog trapped in a deep well (Tudy is what we call her). 

Tudy's entire body is ravaged with gaping wounds; she can't walk because her paws have no toenails from trying to escape the well. 

This is a case that gets us right in the gut. 

The area Tudy was found is known for a sickening number of horrendous dog fighting rings. Was Tudy running from these monsters and falling into the well, or was she thrown away?

Tudy is in urgent need of a lot of lifesaving medical care. Will you please help? 


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It is hard to imagine sweet Tudy trapped alone, fighting for her life. However, her true essence is shown by not giving up. She persevered, and eventually, somebody heard her cries.  

There is so much we could say about Tudy's case, but (for now) we will focus on saving her life and getting her everything and anything she needs to relieve her suffering.  

We will know more about Tudy's medical needs, but she needs an ultrasound, intensive wound care, and diagnostics. 

Any amount you are willing to share with Tudy will make a difference. 

We will bring you along her journey and keep you updated as we learn more. 

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The mission of Hounds in Pounds is to end the killing of thousands of adoptable dogs in the United States. Our multi-faceted approach combining rescue, fostering, adoption, spay/neuter outreach and public education. HIPsters are transported to private veterinarians for proper medical treatment, and are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and tested for heartworm before being placed into loving homes.

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  • Update

    We apologize for the delay in another much-deserved Tudy update; this poor girl has us working very hard to make all the right and loving decisions for her. 

    Tudy had surgery the other day, and Dr. Terry worked on her for 2 hours; she didn't have time to address her stomach wounds. Due to safety concerns with prolonged anesthesia, Dr. T finished what she could with a plan to operate again next week. Tudy's leg was full of puss, which was causing the edema. Her wounds are severely infected, and most of the skin is necrotic. Dr. Terry cleaned and removed the infected tissue and then surgically attached the buttons, lines,s and sinkers to her skin.

    Over the next few weeks, the line will slowly be tightened, and her skin will be stretched in hopes the wound can be closed. The biggest issue we are facing now is infection control. Dr. Terry estimates she will need one surgery weekly for the next few weeks. It's a delicate balance of treating and controlling the infection during surgery. Her condition is fragile, but Tudy is not. We don't know how long she was trapped in that well, but we know she fought hard to stay alive and get out.

    Tudy's story needs to be shared and made known. The area she was found is renowned for DOG FIGHTING. Recently 200 dogs were seized from a dog fighting ring in Georgia. The more we stay quiet about these issues, the more these people get away with these horrific ways of treating animals. 

    Tudy is one of the SWEETEST and gentle dogs. Please share her story and ask your loved ones to consider donating to her much-needed medical care. 

    We are just under halfway to where we need to be. 


    Much love,

    Tudy and Hounds in Pounds 


  • Update

    Thank you so much for taking the time to donate to Tudy's lifesaving medical care. We are grateful for your generosity and selfless act in thinking of her. So far, we have raised $1,849.00 from our $5,200.00 goal, and your contribution helped! 

    So far, we have learned that Tudy is HW positive (thank goodness we were able to catch this because it's no joke), her body is covered head to toe in lacerations and wounds, and they are septic (her WBC was extremely high). She has been put on an IV of antibiotics, her toenails are entirely gone from trying to escape the deep well, she was hypothermic and dehydrated, and x-rays reveal foreign matter in her gastrointestinal tract. She is in a tremendous amount of pain, and she is utterly exhausted. There is speculation that Tudy was a victim of dogfighting; the harrowing fact is that the area she was found is notorious for dogfighting rings. 

    The next step for Tudy is daily wound care, an ultrasound to see what the foreign matter may be in her GI tract, and to look at her chest cavity,  HW treatment, further diagnostics, and, most importantly, A LOT of TLC.  

    All of this will be very costly for us, but we will go to any length to help this beautiful girl, Tudy, recover from such a traumatic and terrifying life. 

    Please consider sharing Tudy's fundraiser and help us meet our much-needed goal. 


    Hounds in Pounds and Tudy 

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