Surgery Costs for ARGOS & CLAYTON


ARGOS & CLAYTON needed our help to allow them to live a PAIN FREE LIFE.


We stepped up - but need your help to cover the costs of these surgeries.

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We have two dogs with surgeries - ARGOS is a 5 year old German Shepherd Dog that we have just saved from a kill shelter in Mississippi. He had severe hip dysplasia and I worked with the amazing staff at the shelter and they was able to work their magic and was able to get a local vet to do the surgery before the transport. This of course means that Argos is on his road to recovery and soon will be PAIN FREE. The cost of this surgery was $1,500.

We also have CLAYTON one of the dogs that we saved in April 2022 from Alabama. He arrived with severely bow legs and after waiting months for an appointment and then a consultation with a board certified orthopedic surgeon, he requires surgery on both of his legs. Just one surgery is around $4,500 on top of the $1,000 we have already paid in office visits, consultation and x-rays.

With adoptions being so low, we are just barely covering the bills to run the rescue, with the electric bill in the kennels being higher than the house - this is due to all the fans that are in there to try and keep it as comfortable as possible for the dogs when we have been having temperatures in the 80s and even late 90's. (A/C is on the list for next year).


So, I am asking if you can help us cover the cost of these surgeries - when we save dogs, we commit to them and if there is something that we are aware of that they need to live a healthy, pain free life, then that is part of our commitment.


Please share and ask friends, family, neighbors, work colleagues and anyone you might know - even $5 helps - lots of $5 adds up.

Give a Dog a Home Rescue ONLY holds fundraisers when we really need help and we ensure that we are getting the best cost, for example, we wouldn't send Argos to a board certified surgeon, when a standard surgeon can perform the surgery. CLAYTON, however, does need a board certified surgeon, so it is more expensive, but he is getting the best care.


Give a Dog a Home Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit Charity - all donations are tax deductible by following IRS guidelines. Our EIN is 27-5241306.


I cannot thank you enough for helping me with this very worthy cause to help these boys.

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